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Class-action lawsuit against Mark Karpeles


In the latest chapter of the Mt. Gox saga, a London law firm has filed a class-action lawsuit against Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpeles. The bitcoin exchange filed for bankruptcy Friday, stating that more than 850,000 bitcoins, 100,000 of which belonged to the exchange itself, had been lost due to a flaw in their systems. The lawsuit seeks damages from Karpeles himself, saying that they will go after him “wherever in the world he is.”

Selachii LLP claims to represent more than 200 claimants in 15 countries around the world, some of which lost vast sums of the virtual currency. One claimant states it had more than 4,000 coins tied up on the exchange, which halted the ability to withdraw funds on Feb. 7. Prior to the withdrawal suspension the average bitcoin price was around $850; the market opened Monday at $560 per bitcoin, but has since climbed to $670… CONTINUE

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