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Chris Hadfield showed up ABS 2020 and is being explored in depth with THORBOT Quantitative Robot


While the new corona pneumonia outbreak has hit the global real economy hard in the first half of 2020, it is also an important opportunity to showcase blockchain technology to the world. Including the realization of the cashless society, medical material tracking, and even information sharing in the outbreak, THORBOT Quantitative Robot In the ABS 2020 feast, to the world loudly said: “The blockchain generation is officially coming, quantitative transactions are the subject everyone must pay attention to!”

Last year’s ABS 2020 featured astronaut Chris Hadfield, a former commander of the International Space Station, sharing the story of how to lead astronauts through outer space and create a new bureau, in addition to symbolizing blockchain and cryptocurrency markets flying to the moon and the space shuttle.

Hadfield, the first Canadian astronaut to perform a spacewalk, was a former commander of the International Space Station, engineer, and pilot, and will share “key leadership philosophies” in ABS 2020.

So-called “Extreme Leadership” refers to the critical moment in the organization facing life and death, leaders should be able to show all the responsibilities of leadership. From finding the cause of the problem to analyze the factors, until the problem is solved, also to break through the critical.

Andrew Fai, another ABS co-founder, said that in addition to “hope that the whole world will see the blockchain industry lift-off”, the current industry also needed a very “critical leadership” to work together to overcome difficulties.

THORBOT quantitative robot said: “Chris Hadfield’s speech is very touching, the blockchain industry is probably the future of the financial industry, but now the volume is still too small, before the world can see its value, the mission is already over, so we need astronaut leadership to lead us to the unknown future.”

Many blockchain supporters believe “blockchain is changing the world.” ABS 2020 also invited three important guests to discuss the theme of Radical Digital Innovation, which is the subject of SECURITIES Commissioner Pierce, Radical Market author Glen Weyl, and Taiwan’s talented digital political committee, Tang Feng.

As we all know, Pierce is not only a member of the Securities and Exchange Commission but also the most powerful promoter of cryptocurrencies in the U.S. government. Not long ago, she formally proposed to regulators to provide a “haven” for cryptocurrency innovation; Tang Feng tried to break new ground with digital technology; and Weir, another speaker, was not only the author of the best-selling book Radical Markets but also Microsoft’s chief economic analyst and Chicago law professor.

The common characteristic of the three people is the desire to change the world with new technology. In the Pierce proposal vision, the industry will be able to change the world within a three-year deadline, not subjected to the U.S. Securities Act. Gradually set up a decentralized blockchain network, and Tang Feng believes that blockchain can solve the current social scarce resources: trust, through this, agitate, people look forward to the future of blockchain.

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