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Chinese Cryptocurrency Giant Alphacat Takes Global Center Stage with AI and Robot Advisors


Following its groundbreaking entry into the Chinese crypto exchange, leading tech giant, Alphacat, has opened up its business to the global market, offering its one-of-a-kind and first ever AI-driven robot adviser marketplace to the digital currency business space.

Speaking about the global launch, the founder of the company, Dr. Bin Li, said: “The vision of the company is to make quality investment advice more accessible for the average person by simplifying the whole cryptocurrency exchange process through a smart interplay of AI-driven robot advisors and analysis of big data to give a market prediction accuracy of 60% and above”.

He explained that the goal is to give users of the platform a superior edge in any of the cryptocurrency markets. Interestingly too, the company’s market prediction services extend beyond the Alphacat Token to other coins like Ethereum, Bitcoin, EOS, NEO, and others.

Alphacat BTC Forecast Beta

Beyond bringing AI to trading, Alphacat uses the NEO Blockchain which apart from guaranteeing sustainability also offer the rewards for research-based work and involves a feedback system and platform user reviews. The platform’s tested and proven AI-driven robots’ innovation and first robot adviser marketplace will open up the business of cryptocurrency trading to a larger proportion of the global population because the platform is designed to cater to all classes of users, be it, financial experts/programmers, professional investors or ordinary Investors. With Alphacat, no one needs to be scared of investing because of the volatility of the cryptocurrency market or for lack of knowledge of the dynamics of the cryptocurrency environment. Alphacat platform offers predictions and advice that make the process of investment and trading as simple as that of buying a bottle of Coke.

The company’s groundbreaking entry into the Chinese crypto exchange, KuCoin, without an ICO speaks volumes of their clout and expertise. Already, they have had more than 20 institutional investors as well as well-recognized individuals within the investment community, with the most prominent names being NEO, Bo Shen (Founder of FenBuShi Venture Capital) and Richard Wang (Partner of DFJ Dragon Fund). Other investment partners include Node Capital, ChainFunder, PreAngel Capital, ChainLinker Fund, WaterDrip Capital, PROBING VC, HQ Finance, and Roots Capital.

Driving the innovative think-tank of the company is Dr. Bin Li, who has served as a Vice President at Merrill Lynch, as Executive Director/Head of Quantitative Trading Strategies Group at UBS, and Chairman and CEO of His career has seen him manage funds and assets worth more than $6 Billion. He works with a formidable team of over 30 distinguished experts with degrees in AI, machine learning, finance technology and big data. They include Mary Ma, Co-Founder & COO, Dr. Alex Hou, Partner, Director of Risk Management, Dr. Yue Wang, Chief R & D Engineer, Peter Yan, Partner, and Technical Director, Yaqi Huang, Partner, and Director of Quantitative Trading, Bo Gao, Partner, and Marketing Director

The future of Alphacat looks even brighter. With four U.S. financial technology patents and ten other international patents to date, the company is poised to be the ultimate go-to brand for smart cryptocurrency business solutions. The roadmap for the year already has a number of highly-anticipater project extensions which include continued development of quantitative trading algorithm engines for major Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and NEO, the launch of the first algorithm engine alpha testing, release of Beta Version of ACAT Store (a marketplace for powerful trading tools powered by AI and big data) by the end of Q2 and release of 3+ Financial Engines into ACAT Store by the end of Q3.

No doubt, Alphacat has brought the future of quantitative investment  to now with its trailblazing innovative technology, simplifying the cryptocurrency investment and opening vistas of earnings for the global population. The Future of cryptocurrency trading using artificial intelligence and robots is here.

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