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Chainges Aftermath: The home of blockchain industry


Chainges was a one great event that surely set new standards for cryptocurrency and blockchain industry conferences. Everything from the venue to agenda was a mix of design, dedication and innovation. Amsterdam city may be very proud of hosting such an event. For the last weekend it surely became the capital of blockchain industry.

How did it look like?

The gates opened at 9:30, during beautiful Friday morning. De Kromhouthal is a great industrial venue in the very heart of Amsterdam. Inside, after registration could have been found a nice, well-designed interior with expo section. Right there all partners were stationed, each in its own booth, perfectly visible for all attendants.

Expo area gave everyone attending Chainges a chance to meet exhibiting projects and talk to their creators. What is even more important, the area was designed to make every project equal – no special areas, no additional constructions – same design for everyone with customizable branding! Open arrangement helped a lot with promoting each project.

On the right nave were set 2 important locations, along with Chillout zone. First one was the AMA section. In that place, speakers were participating in 1on1 sessions with attendees who wanted to ask more questions concerning presentations or discussion panels. Next in line was a startup alley. The most creative space in Kromhouthal that days. Young projects were presenting their ICO ideas along with pitches in front of potential investors.

Back of the Kromhouthal was occupied by 2 stages that were the most important area of the whole event. The main TechStage and Business Stage drew attention of media, partners and regular attendees. During speeches and panels everyone could freely join the audience at any time and ask questions. Distinction between stages made it interesting for everyone – attendees could pick whether they want to hear about business or technical aspects of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. TechStage looked especially good with its unique, highlighted logo.

Left nave was a closed area – reserved for VIP guests, speakers, media, and partners. Media Village gave chance to journalists to ask speakers for interviews and lounge for speakers drew attention of people who wanted to spend some time in more quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

1st floor was reserved for workshop area, where experts from certain projects could present a practical approach to certain technical aspects of blockchain technology.

What went down?

Chainges Conference means over 28 hours of content in form of interviews, speeches and panels. During these 2 days everyone could expand their knowledge in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Frederique Murphy kicked off the conference with the speech about values of Chainges:

After months of hard work, here we are to create something unique and different. We, the team, and you, the audience. We have an incredible lineup of speakers to share with you their experiences. This is not just an event. This is THE event. You all have one thing in common – you’re enthusiastic about a blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

The role of the audience was stressed during a whole event. After the short introduction by Frederique, the TechStage was taken by David Siegel, the CEO of Pillar Project. David underlined the role of blockchain in the future:

How does a blockchain work? Sharing a ledger is a magic trick that everyone trusts and is accurate for everyone. Your taxes will always be paid, accountant departments will not necessary anymore.


Rest of the day was committed to many different concepts and ideas surrounding blockchain industry. At TechStage performed Kristof Van De Reck (NEM Foundation), Frans Kempen (IBM), Vladislav Dramaliev (Aeternity), Alejandro De La Torre (, Marcin Cebula (BitBay), and many more. These international experts presented important matters and challenges ahead of blockchain industry in areas like KYC policies, mining, efficiency, trading, etc.

During the second day, TechStage was overtaken by Gabriele Rigo (RigoBlock), Pierre Noizat (, Reggie Middleton (Veritaseum), Jan Burgers (CapGemini) and even more great speakers. That day focused on issues connected with politics, ICOs, intermediation.

TechStage also held three important panels about banks on blockchain, women in crypto-industry, and decentralized applications on blockchain platforms (NEM, Lisk, Waves).


At the same time, the second stage was overtaken by entrepreneurs. This area presented various knowledge upon ICOs, tokens, branding, Lightning Network, gaming, and practical uses of blockchain by representatives of companies like Vaultoro, Chainstarter, Iconiq Lab, ZenCash, Mysterium Network, and more.

Business stage vowed to different approaches of blockchain utility. Everything hosted by Nick Ayton and Simon Cocking.


Some people do not like to sit and listen. At Chainges there was a possibility to work at practical workshop sessions with experts from NEM, Aeternity and Exonum. Practical approach and use-cases drew the attention of developers that later turned into buzzing networking sessions.


If you have missed this conference, we have a good info for you! Chainges team will publish summaries of most panels and speeches.

The event was an important event for everyone who wanted to learn more about blockchain industry. It also created new business relations thanks to open and friendly atmosphere. Organisers wanted to unite experts, devs, attendees and entrepreneurs under one roof. It surely was a success! And this success will most likely have second edition coming in 2019!

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