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CCN acquisition: Scandinavian M&A with Stankevicius MGM?


As most have heard Google’s new core update has destroyed many online media sites, especially the crypto sites. Crypto media business has been going down already for everybody since 2018 January when Bitcoin bubble burst to the maximum.

It seems that crypto news media channels have been going down ever since. Back in 2017, to own a media site was a gold mine. Everybody were making massive profits. But now today, not anymore. After Google’s new update, CCN is shutting down, what does this mean?

After Dot Com bubble in the 90s, a lot of companies died due to revenue loss etc, even though they had good products or services, still the market overpaid, and companies went bankrupt. However, a lot of those companies didnt just vanish from the ground. Larger players in the tech industry bought the dead or dying companies and changed them later on.

Is this what is happening now in the crypto industry? Media businesses going down, while bigger companies stepping in and buying them out?

In the recent article on The Bitcoin News and Crypto Ninjas, a rumor got out that CCN was for sale. Is it? What? The master media site is down? No wait. It’s not for sale. Its a rumor. But is it?

Apparently, company Stankevicius MGM, has already bought a dead crypto site in 2018 MONEY IN CRYPTO. As a matter of fact, this company is working closely with blockchain companies and ICOs. According to latest release on their website, it says that in 2018, Stankevicius helped ICO companies to raise over half a billion dollars in funding. This company is in the game and is working on something, something that others might not see. When a company is down, they buy it. What they do with it? That is the question.

But think about it! ICO companies dying, crypto media is dying. Coindesk and Cointelegraph are also losing traffic big time. Would it make sense to say so that crypto industry is being pushed out and traditional companies are looking for ways to get in? Hmm. What do you think?

Either way, the PR company from Finland, seems to be interested in CCN. Will they actually buy it? At what price we probably all wonder. Guess need to wait to find out more.

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