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CAPDAX – A Block Chain and Cryptocurrency Helping Established Traders Replicate their Success


A TGE Primed to Succeed – And Why the CAPDAX Exchange is Built to be Superior.

On February 17, CAPDAX’s Token Generation Event is set to begin, and if you are interested in investing in and backing block chain technologies, this is the cryptocurrency you want to be looking at.

Do you have aspirations of being a prolific trader? Or, maybe you don’t have aspirations to be a trader, but you want to make portfolio gains like a prolific trader. After all, who doesn’t want to try and leverage their portfolio gains? CAPDAX empowers people to do just that, from veteran traders to up-and-coming traders.

CAPDAX is a new cryptocurrency exchange build on state-of-the-art modern tech, created by experienced developers from the financial sector. Trading is difficult, so CAPDAX has been designed to be very user-friendly. The platform will have a Basic Mode as well as an Expert Mode, a number of market research features, and Social Trading.

Social Trading through CAPDAX monitors and replicates your most profitable transactions and trades—building a system that will execute similar transactions and trades for you automatically. This kind of “copy-trading” is the future of cryptocurrencies.

The team behind CAPDAX represents a number of heavy hitters in the cryptocurrency community, and minds at the forefront of the ever-growing ecosystem that has been block chain technology for years.

In Q2 of 2017, CAPDAX was founded, and the team was formed. This was following the absolute explosion of cryptocurrency getting a new peak of US$17 billion market valuation, with about US$300 million being traded every day. Today, the market cap of trading sits at US$610 billion, with daily trading coming in at over US$33 billion. That’s a monumental and meteoric rise which CAPDAX is set to benefit from.

CAPDAX has better user-friendliness, customer service, security, website speed, less downtime, and clear user policies which will continue to position CAPDAX positively. Right now, as the 2018 public crowdsale goes live, CAPDAX will begin to turn its gears towards a major marketing push that will lever the value of every purchased Token from the CAPDAX Token Generation Event.

You can find more info about the project on the official website:

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