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Cannabis Users Get Paid On The First Cannabis Blockchain Social Network


Despite the increasing call for legalizing cannabis around the world, every day smokers still don’t have a social media network to call their own.

Social networks like Facebook and instagram often target and censor content related to marijuana without warning. Many Marijuana related posts and social media accounts are taken down without notice, hurting individuals and businesses alike.

Smoke Network aims to give people the ability to freely express their minds without the fear of having all of their content and hard work taken from them. Marijuana related businesses in the industry will no longer need to suffer through the loss of capital and effort they have invested in social media marketing for no reason.

The Smoke Network team has come up with a solution to build a decentralized platform built on a blockchain where data can’t be taken down or tampered with. Through the power of blockchain technology users will be able to share their experiences with marijuana without having to be scared of what they post for fear of censorship., the first DApp built on Smoke Network, will aim to resolve issues facing cannabis content censorship by offering a users a chance to post their cannabis related content on the Smoke Network blockchain.

The Smoke Network test-net is currently in active development with a beta version currently live on the Steem blockchain.

Features of the platform will include the ability to earn money through upvotes on their content, posting of images and articles, trip reports, content exploring and an online wallet that allows users to hold their SMOKE on the platform. Contributors to the platform will get rewarded in cryptocurrencies for original cannabis related contents they share with the rest of the community.

The app is still in the development stage and is scheduled to be launched in the third quarter of the year promising cannabis users a censorship resistant environment to freely express themselves. The upcoming project has been featured on a number of authority platforms such as The California Weed Blog, Future Block, NewsBTC, CryptoCoins News, and Ganjaprenueur.

Registering On The Platform As An Early Bird User

As reported on the Smoke Network official site users who get early access will have the opportunity to claim 4.20 SMOKE free when the platform gets launched to help them get started using the platform.

How To Participate In The ICO

Smoke Network will hold its ICO event from the 20th of April till the 25th of May 2018. This will give those who are interested in the project the opportunity to invest in the vision and also give the team the capital required to develop, grow, and push the platform to be adopted by more of the cannabis community.

There will be different levels of bonuses as ICO progresses. Investors who buy the SMOKE tokens at the first week get 20% bonus on tokens purchased. 15% at the second week, 10% at third, 5% at the fourth week, and no bonus would be given at the final week of token sale.

AirDrop Event

An airdrop is also live currently offering users the ability to earn Smoke through various social actions to help promote the platform to potential users and the stoner community at large. To participate visit the Smoke Airdrop page.

For more information, check the Smoke Network’s website or their telegram.

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