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Call of Duty League Major I Recap


The Call of Duty League held its first official major for this new Call of Duty title. 12 teams had played five qualifying matches over the last four weeks to earn their starting position in the major.

Just like the March Madness Bracket, the Call of Duty League placed teams in a large bracket dwindling down until an eventual champion. Unlike the March Madness Bracket, the Call of Duty bracket is double elimination for the top eight teams from the qualifying matches.

The bottom four teams were left to start in the loser’s bracket. Basically, if any of those four teams would lose a match, they would be eliminated from the tournament.

Let’s take a look at teams that were surprising, teams that were let downs, and discuss the champions of the event.

Surprising Teams

The Boston Breach had a solid showing in their first Major tournament as an organization. The newest team to the Call of Duty League, the Breach finished their qualifying matches in eighth place, good enough to start in Winner’s Bracket.

Unfortunately, with the eighth seed, it meant that they would have to go up against the number one seeded Atlanta Faze. The Breach would go on to lose 0-3 and was sent down to the Loser’s Bracket.

It would have been easy for the team to have gotten upset over the loss and carried that into their next series. Instead, they got competitive and were able to win their next two series and took Toronto Ultra, one of the better teams in the league, to a game five.

The Los Angeles Thieves also had a decent weekend. They were starting to really find their groove towards the end of the qualifying matches, which they carried into the weekend.

Their first series was against Toronto Ultra, which is never an easy one. Unfortunately for the Thieves, they were taken down in a round five search and destroy.

Again, this team did not pout or become upset, instead, they rallied. In their next two series, they were able to win by a combined map count of 6-1.

Thieves would ultimately lose in the third round of the Loser’s Bracket to the Atlanta Faze who finished in second this past weekend.

Let Down Teams

The Los Angeles Guerrillas are one of the first teams that come to mind. The Guerrillas started out the tournament in the Winner’s Bracket, with their first-round against the London Royal Ravens.

In their first series, they were defeated 2-3 in map count and were sent to the Loser’s Bracket to take on the Paris Legion. Unfortunately, the Legion was even better than the Ravens and wiped the Guerrillas from the tournament completely with a 0-3 victory.

This roster has both the veteran experience as well as the new blood. Unfortunately, this team also has big egos and attitudes that they are going to need to get a grip on quickly.

The New York Subliners also looked bad. While they started in Loser’s bracket, there was still a sense of them getting it together with the veteran presence of Crimsix and Clayster.

While there was a sense of it, it do not happen. The boys got blown off the map and just looked bad at what they were trying to do.

The Champions

This event was held in Dallas, Texas, home of Optic Dallas or better known as Optic Gaming. One of the premier organizations in all of esports, with one of the biggest fanbases for any team in any sports, the Optic Gaming team was able to pull out a huge victory.

After a first-round 3-0 of the Seattle Surge, the Optic team was getting ready to play Faze. Faze jumped out to a quick 2-0 lead but Optic was able to win the next three maps and walk away with the 3-2 victory.

Optic took care of the London Royal Ravens on Saturday to solidify their position in the Grand Finals on Sunday. While there was a lot of game to be played on Sunday before the match, the Faze team was able to win their way back and looked to meet up with Optic again for the Finals.

The Finals in the major are best of nine, instead of best of five. Optic would go on to defeat Faze 5-3 and become the Call of Duty League Major I Champion.

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