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Caizcoin is Ready to Steal the Spotlight Leveraging its Unique Blockchain Technology


Caizcoin has been hyped a lot soon after the announcement of its arrival as the first-ever Islamic blockchain. Owing to its unique characteristics and affiliation with moral principles and ethical norms, it is becoming the first choice of many investors. A year after its development in Germany, it’s all set to give intense competition to the existing services and secure a unique place in the crypto market.

The crypto market today is overcrowded, with a myriad of coins released daily. In such a scenario, finding a trustworthy coin to invest in could be an overwhelming experience. The growing instances of frauds, scams, security breaches, and other criminal activities make this situation worse. Caizcoin aims to cure all these issues and provide a secure facility to investors. It offers speedy and cost-efficient financial services without the interference of any third party. It uses decentralized blockchain technology to put the coin holders in charge of all their transactions.

The platform is developed by a team of internationally-minded, young, and dynamic individuals who have integrated technology with Islamic values to come up with Caizcoin, which suits the demands of modern investors. Its initial image could be a little misleading, making it look more suitable for Muslim investors since the name is derived from an Arabic word- “jaiz,” meaning permissible. However, the developers have made it clear in their official statement that the service is open to all and will cater to the needs of crypto players on a global level. Its interrelation with Islamic norms only acts as an added layer of security and makes it more authentic, even when judged on moral grounds.

Caizcoin is a complete suite for crypto trading. It offers CAIZ as its principle token, which could be used for trading and pairing on different platforms. Holders would also be able to earn rewards by becoming liquidity providers for other pools. Using Caizcoin API, users can connect with third-party solutions with optimum security. CIAZ will also offer a free threshold margin that would allow users to transact without fees and grow the community by giving a commission to every member who refers the service to others.  Once the platform is done with the testing and development phase, it plans to launch a Caizcoin wallet and introduce other technological advancements like nodes sales and crypto scanners.

The developer team’s vision is to create a platform that breaks barriers to crypto trading and offers a service that is immune to economic evils. The Caizoin ecosystem will act as a booster pad for small investors who are often intimidated by the illegal practices across the digital financial medium and pull a step back while investing in cryptocurrency. Caizcoin has approached this issue in two folds- firstly, it will only allow collaborators who aren’t involved in businesses proscribed by Islamic laws.

Caizcoin has committed to providing crucial data security to all its users and maintains their anonymity in the digital trading space. With all its impressive features and moral backing, it is expected to revolutionize the cryptocurrency market and set higher standards for upcoming services.

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