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Business Model and Strategic Layout of BIT.GAME


After announcing FIRST Exchange for Blockchain Game in the world, BIT.GAME takes pleasure in sharing its business model and strategic layout with every walk of life. BIT.GAME hopes to let more participators, developers, investors, as well as game and blockchain fans get aware of BIT.GAME and join this project with BIT.GAME.

Business Model of BIT.GAME

Business model of BIT.GAME consists of four parts. First and foremost, BIT.GAME provides an exchange both for blockchain games and other verticals. BIT.GAME Exchange fully supports every transaction through blockchain game token, cryptocurrency and legal currency. In normal conditions, there are a variety of rigorous standards of admitting the token in digital asset exchange, let alone the unspoken rules of admission for game currency transactions. While BIT.GAME Exchange works it out effectively with lower barriers, thus to achieve a real unobstructed circulation for game asset transactions, as well as to gather all the game players, developers and investors to find high-quality games with potential investment value. In the near future, BIT.GAME will also publish an updated version of BIT.GAME Exchange, which equips with trading, auction and rental function for props in blockchain games.

Secondly, BIT.GAME offers a completed development kits as BIT.GAME Solution to traditional game developers. It is based upon game asset trading interface of public blockchain bottom protocol such as Ethereum, Achain, QTUM, MATRIX etc., and could be seamlessly connected with BIT.GAME Exchange after integration. This solution will also offer blockchain game players a shortcut of trading in exchange.

Next, BIT.GAME also builds a blockchain incubation platform as BIT.GAME PLATFORM for all the game publishers and blockchain investment organizations, to provide technical support, incubation funds and asset exchange for potential game projects, so that to promote the development of blockchain and game industry to the next level.

Finally, BIT.GAME cooperates with plenty of renowned enterprises including public blockchain, blockchain investment funds, as well as game publishers, to construct a global blockchain game league so as to improve the development of blockchain game collectively. The league is called Global Blockchain Game Union, as GBGU for abbreviation, which continues to be joined with more companies in game industry.

Strategic Layout of BIT.GAME

The strategic layout contains of the interior plan, voting and repurchase mechanism and development strategy. The interior plan of BIT.GAME can be concluded into three words: circulation, investment and fuel. The key factor is BIT.GAME Coin (BGC), it is based on the ERC20 standard token issued by the Ethereum.

BGC is a common token in BIT.GAME Exchange. BGC holders can participate in the incubation of specific games. It will become a fuel for the exchange with the completion of decentralized exchange of BIT.GAME AIDEX as the next generation.

BIT.GAME will construct the next generation decentralized exchange AIDEX jointly with Achain, Matrix AI Network based on AI and blockchain technology. This type of exchange will be higher evolved, with its concurrent transactions to be Million-level, it supports cross-chain transactions;, and its transaction matchmaking system will be based on AI as dynamic matchmaking, thus to build the largest transaction loop with the lowest transaction cost.

For voting and repurchase mechanism, BIT.GAME pursues a win-win solution between blockchain users and partners. It not only gives out 30% of BGC Tokens to reward ordinary users who make contributions to the project in game chain and transaction chain, but also allows BGC holders to vote on the important decisions regarding the development of the BIT.GAME in line with the decentralized principle. Besides, it also shares the development dividend of the exchange matrix of BITGAMEX through continuous repurchase.

As for the development strategy, BIT.GAME possesses project advantage and flow advantage. For project advantage, BIT.GAME team leaders are from game background and they have much experience to screen out excellent projects of blockchain games. For flow advantage, the number of game users (almost 2.2 billion globally) far exceeds the number of blockchain users (almost 100 million globally). To seize the opportunity of transformation from traditional game to blockchain game means to acquire more users from blockchain, while excellent blockchain games also brings a huge number of users to exchange matrix.

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