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Bunzz Hits 1,000 Users! Over 500 DApps Deployed, Becoming One of the Largest Development Platforms in Asia


Bunzz is a development platform that makes it easy to use smart contracts for building DApps wrapping them in ready-made Modules. Bunzz has all the major sought-after smart contracts needed for DApp development, They are also already audited, so there is no extra cost involved to ensure their security. They can also be compiled and deployed to the blockchain, and include all of the features that software engineers require and are looking for in order to develop Web3-related services. Bunzz makes it possible for developers to build DApps quickly and easily, without having to worry about the security of their smart contracts. As a result, Bunzz is becoming increasingly popular among those looking to develop applications on the Web3 platform.

Bunzz’s user acquisition has been impressive, with an average of 30-40 new DApp developers registering per day. Bunzz is now one of the largest DApp development platforms in the Asian region, and is expected to reach 10,000 users by the end of 2022. Bunzz has deployed over 500 DApp projects, making it one of the most active DApp development platforms currently available. Bunzz’s success is a testament to the need for DApp development platforms in the Asia region, and Bunzz is poised to become the leading platform in the space.

Before Bunzz, many users found the learning cost of smart contracts such as Web3.js to be higher than Solidity. Additionally, it was difficult to get new personnel to catch up on Web3 technology. After Bunzz, many users found the interface to be intuitive and the learning cost low. Additionally, it was easy to operate from a browser and de-personalized. If you do a hands-on session with Bunzz for 2-30 minutes, a developer who is new to Web3 can learn the basics of DApp development.

Bunzz’s vision for a “Smart Contract Ecosystem” is one where developers can easily find and use the modules they need to create their own decentralized applications. This will be made possible by a marketplace for smart contract modules, where developers can buy, sell, or trade the modules they create. Bunzz will also provide a composable environment, which will allow developers to use modules created by other users. In addition, Bunzz is designing a tokenomics where Bunzz’s proprietary tokens will be paid to module developers and to verified developers who perform security audits on these modules. By making it easy for developers to find and use the modules they need, Bunzz aims to create a thriving ecosystem of decentralized applications.


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