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Building Trust in Your Crypto Project and Community


Building a crypto community is a crucial step to getting your project to go mainstream. These people will be eager to talk about what you are building and become its indirect marketing agents. Creating that community and getting people to buy in requires that they trust the project and the business behind it. So, how do you build trust in an industry where people are skeptical of new projects?

Focus On Your Fundamentals

Many founders and developers hype their crypto projects and get caught up in their potential and grand promises. While some will argue this is important for new projects, the consensus is that you should never lose sight of the fundamentals and underlying technology. Strive to create usable and solid solutions and technologies that serve a need and solve real problems.

Continue doing this even when the market and prices fluctuate. Ethereum is a good example of a project that has always focused on technology and providing users with the useful solutions they need. Their long-term commitment to the project and improvements over time have cemented people’s trust in it, and this should be your aim too.

Provide A Great User Experience

Great founders and developers understand the end user does not care about their white papers as much as they think they do. What they care about, however, is intuitive and great user experiences.

Businesses like Coinbase understand this, which is why its CEO Brian Armstrong says that crypto is still too complicated and convoluted for most users. Companies that can overcome this increase adoption and trust in their projects, building awareness and long-term mindshare as they do so.

Hire a Reputable Marketing Company

One of the worst things you can do to your projects is to leave your community hanging. Regular communication helps keep interested parties informed about what is going on with your project. This requires regular posting and communication, which can be challenging to handle if you are also working on a project.

The good news is that you can hire a crypto marketing agency to handle the communication for you. They could create content about your project, post it on social media, and communicate with your community so they do not feel abandoned.

When people are informed, they are more likely to trust the project because they know you care about it and are still working on it.

Work with The Right Influence

Sadly, scams and frauds are common in the crypto world. Businesses that engage in these practices work with influencers ready to peddle hype and price pumps without delivering value or substance. Working with influencers like these or those who have been involved in this sort of thing in the past destroys trust and limits your ability to attract serious investors.

You can sidestep this issue by working with influencers concerned about education and the adoption of blockchain and web3 technologies, and their reputations and brands. People already trust them and can easily trust you too if you work with them.

In a world where people are skeptical and distrustful of crypto projects, it is more important than ever for businesses to build trust among people interested in their projects. Doing so also makes it easier to build a community that will be happy to use the project and tell others about it, which eventually leads to it going mainstream.

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