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Emergence of blockchain technology has provided a fertile ground for the development of many wonderful projects in the world of Internet, which swindlers also hastened to take advantage of. That has led to such things as fake ICOs, scammer landing platforms, mining malware etc. In days of uncertainty everyone needs information resource which he can rely on, especially when it comes to money.

What is it?

BTCPLAYMANIA project provides comprehensive reviews on cryptocurrency casinos trusted by big bosses of bitcoin gambling industry. The project was started by a small group of people highly passionate about online gambling and crypto. The initial idea was to select from hundreds of bitcoin casinos only trustworthy ones, precisely test it and share among limited circle of people, which also includes some respective persons of the industry such as owners of popular cryptocurrency exchanges and big blockchain projects, who simply don’t want wasting time on dealing with fraudulent casinos, but want to have some fun of gambling.

The idea was realized and after being successful and having a great feedback about it, was decided to make it available for a wide range of people who also tired of being scammed by dishonest websites. So this is how BTCPLAYMANIA came to live, providing reviews for best bitcoin casinos and ready to help gamblers and just crypto unthusiasts who want to play for bitcoin being sure they get fair play.

Why is it comfortable?

Information about every casino presented laconically and in very comprehensive well-structured manner. Users can apply combination of filters by currency and game in real time to select the platform, which perfectly fits to their needs and for some casinos are available video-reviews. There is also “News & Articles” section where gamblers can find some interesting information, taking a break of playing. All of it perfectly works on mobile devices and the administration actively works on some other features as selective subscription, more video-reviews, alternative language versions (which are two at the moment) and more.

What casinos are in the list?

There are many crypto casinos that are just fine, but BTCPLAYMANIA includes only top quality ones, which have already gained trust of hundreds of players, providing best gambling experience along with great support service.

Choosing all the benefits of BTCPLAYMANIA platform you become a member of premium club and part of community who stands for transparency and fairness in blockchain era.

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