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BREXIT referendum is tomorrow! How will it affect bitcoin?


Citizens of United Kingdom on June 23 will have to answer one of the hardest questions in UK history: “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?”. Referendum on continued British membership in the European Union is the result of the promise made in 2013 by Prime Minister David Cameron. He announced that if Conservative Party will win elections in 2015, British will be able to share their voice.

Great Britain is the second largest economy in the European Union, the third member in terms of population, the third largest contributor to the EU budget and one of the two EU members which have their own nuclear weapon. Report by  Ernst & Young and HM Treasury shows that UK Fintech sector generated £6.6 billions in 2015.

According to the YouGov poll for The Times, “Leave” held 46 percent support compared with 39 percent support for “Remain.” Undecided voters were 11 percent, while 4 percent won’t vote.

What are the consequences of “Leave” and how it can affect Bitcoin?

Biggest long term consequence is that it would be a precedent that could lead to disintegration of EU in the future. Some specialists say that Brexit can cause economic problems in EU and big chaos in todays financial world. If yes, I hope people will look for other forms of investments than Pound and Euro and move their savings to gold and specially Bitcoins. I do not want to speculate what will be the price of Bitcoin after referendum, but we can’t be indifferent about the voice of British.


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