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Blockshipping launching new and highly attractive revenue sharing model


The updated Revenue Sharing Model rewards all owners of Blockshipping’s CCC tokens with a significant part of all revenue generated by the Global Shared Container Platform (GSCP).

Copenhagen, 22 May 2018 – The Danish company Blockshipping is based on a sustainable business model that follows strict corporate governance. Blockshipping will become a successful company that will deliver significant cost savings and revenue streams for the container shipping industry. Subsequently, the reduction of CO2 emissions and pollution will be core aspects of the ecosystem.

The start-up is being partly funded by minting a token named CCC. The CCC token is unique since it will be linked to the revenue generation in the company. A large portion of the revenue will be assigned to the CCC owners while still allowing the company to be profitable and grow.

No cap on future reward on contributions

Blockshipping is grateful for the support of the GSCP project and the funds received thus far. To amplify the ownership of the CCC token the company has decided to assign a larger portion of the revenue to all CCC owners than originally planned. Additionally, the model will be simplified and be much more rewarding for the CCC owners.

Until the revenue reaches USD 30.8 M in the company, the CCC owners will be rewarded 20% of the revenue. Thereafter, 3% of revenue will reach the CCC owners. The CCC owners will see their reward gradually increasing from an estimated 1.42% in 2019 to an estimated 19.43% in 2022. Furthermore, there is no cap on the reward and the success of the GSCP will continue to be shared with the CCC owners.

Complex decision process

Changing an already designed and published revenue share model is indeed not something to be taken lightly, and Blockshipping’s management has been working on this decision with assistance from financial experts for a while. Unfortunately, it took more time than expected and it was not possible to launch the change of the model at the same time as the opening of the public sale.

However, the Blockshipping’s CEO, Peter Ludvigsen, is now pleased to have more good news for the ICO contributors:

“This is great news for everyone, both existing and future token buyers, and I am really proud that we are now able to further reward our large community and many supporters by increasing the revenue share percentage in our revenue sharing model. We are very grateful to our supporters, and we want to make them happy.”

For more information, please contact:

Michael Juul Rugaard
E-mail: [email protected]
Telephone: +45 44 40 31 32

Read more about the Blockshipping’s GSCP ICO here:

*Please be aware that Blockshipping cannot accept contributions to the ICO from citizens of the United States of America.

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