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Blockchainoid announced the start of its Initial Coin Offering (ICO)


Popular cryptocurrency trading platform, Blockchainoid, announced the official launch of its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) starting on the 9th November 2017.

Blockchainoid is a platform that allows users to trade virtually any cryptocurrency including Bitcoin, litecoin, Waves, Zcash, and Boid Crypto Loan amongst others. Users of the platform can also send and receive money instantly from anywhere across the globe. Blockchainoid recently announced the launch of its ICO of the Boid token, scheduled to commence on the 9th November 2017 till the 17th of December 2017, with the ICO price at $0.7 and up to 30% bonus for holders.

The emergence of digital currency and cryptocurrency has somewhat revolutionized the way business and payments are done across the globe. The development has led to the launch of different cryptocurrencies, which has also created an avenue for traders and investors to make some money off their knowledge and expertise. Blockchainoid launch the trading platform that allowed users to not only trade in cryptocurrency but also send and receive money from anywhere in the world.

The platform has gone a step further to launch its Boid token, bringing a twist to the way crypto is traded and money is withdrawn on ATM’s. This is so as the launch will not only ensure the creation of an e-wallet by users to allow for easy sending and receipt of crypto, but will also allow holders to have Plastic cards that allows for the withdrawal of up to $5000 at an ATM. Blockchainoid will provide a complete White label prepaid card solution for small and large businesses, during the Ico they will have the opportunity to Complete a simple online enrollment application.

The exchange feature of the token is designed to allow holders of the coin to buy and sell major cryptos including Waves, Bitcoin, ETH, Boid and all major altcoins. In addition to getting cards and opportunity to trade cryptos, token holders can also earn as much as 10 percent with BOID lending, while borrowers receive loans at affordable interest rates.

The BOID token will also be the backbone of the Blockchainoid network. The ICO and of course, BOID token are designed to fit into the future, playing a crucial role in financial services and having a token that brings true solution in the financial services industry through Blockchainoid’s financial ecosystem.

The aim of Blockchainoid is to create a community where anyone can be a part of the future growth of the company through a unique form of funding, different from the traditional venture funding concept that restricts investing to an elite minority.

About Blockchainoid

Blockchainoid is a cryptocurrency trading platform that allows users to trade several cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, litecoin, Waves, Zcash, and Boid Crypto Loan. The platform also allows users to receive and send money from anywhere across the globe.

Blockchainoid recently announced the commencement of its initial coin offering of the BOID token to be used on the platform in addition to other major digital currencies. The ICO is scheduled to last for over 60 days, allowing traders and investors to not only hold the token but also earn on their holding.

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