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Blockchain Technology serving the Freedom of Speech


DECENT is an independent decentralized 3.0 network owned by its users allowing media sharing and ensuring the freedom of speech in order to provide borderless information and data flow while avoiding manipulation, censorship and any third party influence. As an open source platform it also enables everyone to build their own application on top of the DECENT protocol.

The Freedom of Speech, as one of the basic human rights, is being suppressed nowadays by influence of profit or propaganda oriented corporations, which decide what is going to be presented to public. The established idea of the free world, where all the people live with the same possibilities and access to information, has unobtrusively become just the cover story of the actual reality. Few powerful individuals and organizations hold the power in their hands but work very hard to let people think, they have the freedom while being kept under the control.

DECENT believes that every single person regardless the country of origin, state system, religion or culture has the right to spread and receive information and create their own opinion based on decentralized information and data flow rather than generally accepted so-called-truth. Implementation of Blockchain technology to provide maximum anonymity and peer to peer sharing network to eliminate any kinds of third parties or middlemen is the main goal. As an open source protocol, DECENT platform allows everyone to build their own applications on the top of its protocol. The aim is to offer the possibility of sharing and receiving genuine digital content worldwide in the exact way and form as it was aimed to.

More information about the project can be found on their official website. DECENT is attending the Web Summit in Dublin on November 3-5, if you’re also attending, don’t miss the occasion to meet the “Guardians of Free Speech”.


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