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Blockchain Project MOSS Uses its MCO2 Token to Stop Global Deforestation


Corporate greed and desire to expand is causing rainforests and other crucial areas for our climate to shrink. As a result, the home for many undiscovered and known species is being destroyed. Looking at the Amazon rainforest alone, we are wasting a significant oxygen factory at a rate of over 25 million hectares per year.

Humanity has already learned in the past that such massive deforestation projects are awful for the environment. Still, as long as there is money to be made, significant corporations prefer not to listen to warnings.

This is why numerous projects are fighting for the Amazon forest conservation — some of them directly, while others try to help out by using alternative methods. One such project is a blockchain-based platform, MOSS.

MOSS Platform’s Progress So Far

Even though MOSS has only been in business for the past eight months, the company managed to do a lot and establish itself and its brand worldwide. Today, it is the world’s leading carbon credit platform, as MOSS is 20 times bigger than the number two platform in this segment. 

Since its foundation, it managed to buy and sell more than 900 thousand tons of CO2. Then, it sent almost $10 million to Amazon forest conservation projects in only a bit more than half a year.

In addition to that, the sale of carbon credits by MOSS pays for REDD + environmental projects that, through their activities, jointly protect and preserve an area of approximately 1 million hectares, which is very impressive.

Those figures may only be a sign of what is yet to come in the future. MOSS has secured a deal to obtain 20% of the global market’s carbon credit quickly. Not only is this good news to consumers looking to help save the planet, but the team can also help major corporations adhere to their internal carbon neutral pledges. Facilitating this switch to become less pollutant would not be possible without MOSS bringing this analog industry into the modern and digital era. 

More specifically, carbon credit trading has been an inefficient industry for decades. Even though it is a significant pillar of the global economy, it remained analog for too long. Through MOSS’ efforts, it has now become a globally accessible industry. Anyone in the world will be able to contribute to conservation efforts and achieve carbon-neutrality over time.

What is MCO2, and What Does it Do?

The MCO2 project — headquartered in Brazil — completed a $3.3 million seed round thanks to several significant companies and sustainability authorities across Brazil. This has given way to the carbon contracts mentioned earlier – 20% of the global supply – over the next four years. 

Considering the growing awareness of how damaging current practices are to the environment, the company managed to find many interested parties. The MCO2 token was launched earlier this year on the Ethereum blockchain and acts as a tokenized carbon credit. It is currently available on the FlowBTC exchange. The MOSS team will announce global trading partners for MCO2 in the weeks and months to come.

The blockchain code employed by MOSS and its smart contracts has been audited by some of the highly-credible companies, such as Perkins Cole and CertiK. Firms like Armanino and EY will perform further audits.

The token has several use cases apart from those already mentioned, such as letting others create new carbon credits applications. It has a straightforward structure for this exact reason — so that other developers could use it to develop new solutions and help contribute to the environment in new, innovative ways.


It is plausible to think current and future Ethereum blockchain products and services will integrate the MOSS concept. Digitized carbon credits can serve as rewards or loyalty points, to give just one example. 

Blockchain technology will allow for the global transformation of the world as we know it today. Changing the world requires innovative efforts, and tokenizing carbon credit is a significant first step to make a long-term impact. More importantly, the MCO2 token introduces more people to blockchain technology, as it is one of the few real-world use cases for this technology that everyone can get behind. 

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