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Blockchain Inspector partners with UK Bitcoin marketplace


Blockchain Inspector, an early stage startup using artificial intelligence to fight fraud in the blockchain, has entered into a partnership agreement with a UK bitcoin marketplace trading more than 4,000 bitcoins monthly. The partnership will mark the first deployment of Blockchain Inspector’s software in a live market environment.

Based in Angoulême, France, Blockchain Inspector helps prevent identity theft, financial fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing in the blockchain. Their AI-based rules engine and monitoring tools allow our clients to easily translate human reasoning into rules that will be executed on the blockchain.

The client partner is one of the oldest and most respected bitcoin marketplaces in the United Kingdom. From simple use cases to complex chains of events, Blockchain Inspector gives clients the power to quickly implement their KYC and AML obligations; and respond to their customers’ behaviour leading to improved performance.

The next steps for us will be significant, we are looking for investors partners to support our international business development.

said Stephane Traumat, Blockchain Inspector CEO. For Blockchain Inspector, this is a welcome opportunity to get realtime feedback on their product and demonstrate the direct benefits and value of their tools to financial services players.


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