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Blockchain Content Distribution Platform DECENT going ICO


DECENT Software Sale is a one­ time opportunity to become a part of Blockchain driven Decentralized Future of Media. By joining the digital revolution you help DECENT to create the independent and secure publishing network for everybody around the world.

DECENT Software Sale is a crucial point in the evolution of DECENT Network. It will create the decentralized nature of the platform and provide resources for further development. DECENT’s aim to establish blockchain based digital content distribution network depends on the support it actually gets. The wider token distribution will be made, the larger decentralized trust can be built. DECENT platform is devoted to the vision of privacy and security, but this can be achieved only with the participation of people want to change the world they live in. With each purchase you can influence the future. Let’s make it great together!

What do DECENT Software Sale participants actually purchase?

DCT is used for publishing and buying process on DECENT Network. It allows individuals or organizations to buy, sell & share genuine digital content without any third party influence or restrictions. DCT is not just a cryptocurrency. It represents a fuel to the network, a software tool which makes DECENT work. Thanks to its inevitable function on the network, DCT has a potential to increase its value and therefore it can be considered as an investing opportunity as well.

Moreover, DCT also serves as an anti­spam protection because on one hand it makes publishing convenient for real users but expensive for spammers on the other hand. It also represents a reward for seeders/miners (or publishers in DECENT terminology).

Through a decentralized approach which will be ensured by token distribution in the Software Sale, DECENT provides secure and cost­effective way of media sharing. Elimination of 3rd parties gives the control over the media value and content itself back to the authors. Without paying huge publishing fees and losing profit for the benefit of the publishing houses, authors can actually earn more money while customers pay less.

DCT Issuance and Value

After the launch of the final release of DECENT Network, tokens will be issued according to the Software Sale results. Certain amount of the tokens will be allocated as follows:

  • 1,000,000 DCT – Promotion Bounties
  • 3,000,000 DCT – Pre­software Sale Marketing
  • 35,000,000 DCT – DECENT Foundation

The initial value of DCT will increase simultaneously with the Software Sale progress. Which means the early participants get more for smaller value and apply for higher bonuses.


*ETH value is set according to the current BTC/ETH exchange rate. Only BTC value is determinant. More information will follow soon.

DECENT Network is evolving all the time! Stay tuned and get all the news on time by joining DECENT newsletter or the official DECENT Bitcointalk thread. Feel free to ask questions or add remarks. As DECENT is meant to become the network for the people your feedback is appreciated and taken into consideration all the time.


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