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Black Bear Finance, the DeFi Protocol that Rewards Users to Support Conservation Efforts


Black Bear Finance is a rewards-based DeFi protocol that aims to incentivize global action toward wildlife conservation. At launch, Black Bear Finance will introduce several innovative DeFi solutions to incentivize users to contribute directly and indirectly to wildlife and habitat conservation efforts.

Wildlife Conservation

Black Bear Finance places a huge emphasis on wildlife conservation. Black Bear Ridge in Canada inspired the founders to acknowledge that preserving habitats and wildlife is a duty and responsibility necessary for our future generations to flourish. As a result, they’ve developed a rewards-based platform to incentivize and mobilize philanthropic contributions to conservation initiatives and organizations.

The Black Bear Finance Model: What Makes it Different?

Unlike existing crypto-backed charity projects where the token’s growth is prioritized over the sustainability of the ecosystem leading to dilution of the project’s credibility, Black Bear Finance is carefully structured to provide incentive for the user while providing  sustainable support to conservation efforts. This balance is achieved by incentivizing users to contribute to a charity treasury via Play-to-Earn games, NFTs, and staking mechanisms.

Users simply have to trade or stake $BEAR tokens, collect NFTs and play P2E games in the metaverse to earn crypto rewards. A portion of the rewards is then allocated to the charity wallet to be given to various wildlife conservations voted by the community.

$BEAR Token Rewards

BEAR is a utility token serving as the native currency in the Black Bear Finance. The token will be the foundation that offers benefits to the community members and supports the entire ecosystem. $BEAR is built on the Polygon Network and rewards users and holders via NFT gamification, staking, and DeFi yield farming.

As a $BEAR token holder, you will be able to participate in many applications that provide yield. There will be treasuries set up within the network to allow the Black Bear Finance team to buy back tokens on the open market. This is crucial in order to preserve the value of the $BEAR token. Most projects that create P2E gaming only provide inflationary rewards, which only benefits the first adopters of the platform. The P2E powered by $BEAR will provide rewards on a sustainable level that provides long-term value to holders.

Additionally, part of the token rewards will be locked to increase the project’s liquidity. Therefore, investors can rest easy as $BEAR tokens will be a good option for long-term investment opportunities.

Furthermore, a charity Treasury will be introduced to generate yield through the platform’s staking pools. This will be used to sponsor specific organizations that need long-term funding for their success. Users can also contribute directly by donating to conservation funds and purchasing merchandise on the platform.

NFTs and Play-to-Earn Games

Black Bear Finance will launch playable characters that users can purchase or trade through the NFT marketplace. As an added incentive, these NFTs can be playable in the P2E games within the Black Bear Finance ecosystem. Users can expect high-quality graphics and an immersive 3D environment where mystical creature NFTs battle across different worlds to gain control of the Metaverse. 

Only a limited supply of each character will be minted, so keep your eyes peeled for the launch. Whatever funds come from the sale of the NFTs will go directly to conservation efforts.

Black Bear Finance plans to launch its IDO token sale first to enable users to start earning rewards to donate to its charity treasury. After that, it will build its ecosystem of NFTs and P2E games for users to play and to continue unlocking rewards.

Head over to the Black Bear Finance website and join their Telegram to stay updated on the official launch and chat with the founding team.

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