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Bittrex Exchange Adds Pando Coin (PANDO) to its Listed Tokens


On 15th January 2021, Pando Browser announced the successful launch of the Pando Coin (PANDO). The coin, which made its debut on the Bittrex exchange, began trading on 15th January. PANDO, which is the native token of the Pando Browser, a platform that is quickly gaining popularity among users. 

The listing of the PANDO Coin on the US-based exchange marked a giant leap for the Pando Ecosystem. The ecosystem, which includes the Pando Browser and Messenger, plans to provide its users with a transparent internet that is both accessible and convenient. The listing on Bittrex offers a pathway for the expansion plans that the Pando network has in store. 

PANDO Coin Tokenomics 

PANDO is an ERC-20 DeFi token coin that was developed to be the standard currency in the ecosystem. The token’s objective is to disrupt the IT world by providing a secure browsing environment coupled with a working reward system. 

There are 2 billion PANDO tokens in total, with 1.4 billion reserved for users who participate in the network through the PoSW (Proof of Software) mining. This mining algorithm uses different software such as runtime mining, ad view mining, and referral mining. Here, a node network based on a mobile operating system is built to create tokens and distribute rewards to users. 

Besides Bittrex, PANDO is currently listed on MXC Exchange. Before this, users could only acquire the tokens through mining, which began in October of 2020. 

The developers have set the mining period as ten years, with halving occurring after every two. 

Runtime mining checks a user’s login sessions and gives rewards based on the time spent. Ad viewing mining requires that users voluntarily view ads to get PANDO rewards, while referral mining assures continuous rewards for increasing participation in the ecosystem. 

PANDO plays a crucial role in the ecosystem, which necessitates the need for its increased use. It is interoperable with Ethereum-based Dapps, as well as other popular tokens. The listing on the exchange will create a global marketplace for its trading with other altcoins, creating a pool of users for the Pando World’s Dapp ecosystem. 

This step is just the beginning, as the Korean-based exchange announced plans to expand through partnerships in its home country and abroad. 

PANDO’s Unique Structure

PANDO coin’s unique structure aligns with its aim to create a revolutionary rewards culture in the browsing environment. It reduces the barrier to entry to the blockchain world by making it easy to acquire tokens, for starters. Users only need to download the Pando browser and start using it to earn PANDO tokens. 

Additionally, they can participate in the network’s games and use Pando Messenger for more rewards. A healthy token economy is realized with the token’s continued use, which ensures PANDO maintains a balance between the ecosystem and other altcoins. This way, the token’s economy is strengthened, and it can be used to build infrastructure for real economic activities. 

One of the network’s core features is transparency, so the tokens are always displayed on the dashboard. 

The Pando Ecosystem

The Pando ecosystem entails different projects, all of which aim for transparency and convenience for its users. The initial projects are the web browser and messenger, with a blockchain-based Pando World and Pando Market.

Pando is a Web 3.0 browse that offers several advantages over other browsers. It comes with a free VPN that ensures increased privacy when browsing. It also includes a crypto wallet, an ad-block, and an Interplanetary File System that allows users to store and manage data efficiently. 

Panda Browser had a successful launch and was able to garner over 100,000 downloads over three months. Users love the app, thanks to its unique features. 

“This is one of the better browsers I’ve encountered, having both the ability to save webpages and the ability to change the search engine without having to go into the options menu.”

On the other hand, Pando Messenger encrypts personal information and message content to maintain the users’ anonymity. It also includes a built-in crypt messenger backed with IPFS blockchain technology.

The browser and wallet are linked to Pando games so that users can earn rewards from them as well. Another vital project to be included in the ecosystem is the Panex Exchange, which will consist of other earning opportunities for users. 

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