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Bitteaser: New Bitcoin Advertising Network


BitTeaser is a simple, easy to use and very affordable way to promote your business idea/project through online advertisement, while using digital currencies. BitTeaser helps you prosper by boosting your business through site promotion by receiving high quality traffic or providing same advertising space for an easy Bitcoin income. This is a simple and functional tool that is focused on cryptocurrency theme businesses, but it also relates to a business of any other kind.

BitTeaser is based on the idea and passion to provide the most cost-effective and convenient means of cooperation between the Advertiser and the Webmaster, maintaining a well-balanced pricing policy, allowing the Advertiser to get traffic of a good value for his or her site, basically have more real visitors/users and the webmasters can adequately monetize their site.

In short, from their platform, they are offering the following services:

For Advertisers: You can first try your advertisement campaign with any preferred budget as you estimate price per click yourself, very flexible price policy and ad sizes. The ability to choose and target specific regions and target to specific regions, countries, languages etc. Moreover, they can create customize banners to launch your advertising campaign.

For Webmasters: Turn any business/project you have into income! It can be anything from websites, blogs, tweets, to forums etc. We pay you back on time and fairly from what you earned out of advertisers! More real clicks – more BTC you earn.

For Partners: If you invited a webmaster, you get a percentage from actual banner / teaser clicks / percentage of the webmaster’s profit. If you invited an advertiser, you gain money out of clicks on his ads. After registration, partners are able to see profits and statistics in partnership tab.
For Writers: BitTeaser also offers a special opportunity for writers. You can not only submit your article absolutely for free, but also make money from clicks on banner ads placed on your article page. As far as I know this is the only site offering a similar opportunity. Definitively it worth a try.


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