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BitMinutes Pre-ICO Price to Rise 15.4% Monday April 9


The people of BitMinutes have a dream of revolutionizing Third-World financial services through the aggressive use of FinTech innovations and the vehicle of a cryptocurrency called BitMinutes. Their stated mission is to improve on the BitCoin idea (hence the tagline “better than BitCoin for billions”) to create a cryptocurrency that ties itself to one of the world’s most widely traded informal currencies: The Prepaid Airtime Minute. The developed world doesn’t pay for phone time by the minute anymore, but the developing world does, and will for some time. The unlimited dataplan is not financially feasible for Mobile operators in those parts of the world. The prepaid minute has become a token of exchange on the same mobile network, trading minutes back and forth to top each other up, pay debts and the like. BitMinutes plans to provide a way to make those minutes tradable between networks and cashable. That could unlock serious economic opportunity, by making financial transactions much less expensive. But they have to build this business up, and have chosen the ICO route to fund their next rollout phase. They will be running the ICO in May.

Also look for news later this month about their pending application for approval from the Financial Monetary Authority in Lichtenstein, to add greater depth to their European operations.

The Pre-ICO, a new tradition in a new industry, is running now, with everyone able to participate, even at a low level of $100, say, by opening an account through and funding it with U.S. dollars, BitCoin or Ether. You can still buy BitMinutes (BMTs) at a discount to the $0.02 ICO price, but the weekly price increases have the discounted price sitting at $0.013 this week, and rising to $0.015 next Monday, April 9. This is a rise of 15.4%. The next Pre-ICO price increase is slated for the following Monday, April 16. That increase is also to be $0.002 to $0.017 per BMT.

Whitepapers and all the other traditional stuff that ventures running ICOs put out are also all available on the site. The mission is compelling, the price is rising and the discounts are shrinking. Today might be the day to kick the tires on this one.

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