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Bitcoin Logo Appears on Shirts of Futsal Florentia, Serie A Italian Women’s Football Team


Last Sunday, the Bitcoin logo debuted for the very first time on a shirt of an Italian Serie A women’s football team. During the Division Cup match Futsal Florentia vs. Sabina Lazio, people saw the Bitcoin text printed on the football kit of the Florentia’s players, who were indeed very excited to wear this unusual sponsor.   

This is not the first time we see the Bitcoin logo as sponsor of a football team, September 12 Watford Football Club announced in a blog post on the official website the Bitcoin logo’s adoption as part of a wider campaign aiming to improve awareness around Bitcoin and educate the public on the benefits of using cryptocurrencies. However, Futsal Florentia’s announcement came some months before, as reported by the Italian media Crypto Rivista on June 13.

The idea of this sponsorship comes from two enthusiastic Bitcoin supporters, Silvia Bossio well known in the community as “Silvia Jones”, blogger and administrator of the Crypto Bar and Luca De Luca, software engineer and solution architect with long experience in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

“Passion and curiosity drive change.” says Silvia Bossio quoting Dan Brown. “Bitcoin is open, everyone can use it, everyone can wear it!”

Merging sport and technology looked like an idea outside the box that few bitcoiners understood, and even few wanted to  follow, saying people won’t understand the message. Instead, after a dinner and a few beers talking about technology, a football club fall in love with the idea and the journey started.

When asked “what do you think of having the Bitcoin logo on your shirts and why did you choose it?” Mr. Mauro Pomposi, a manager of the team said “we’re very happy to start this collaboration with experts in this technology. We’re confident giving support to a such innovative payment system will bring back visibility to our team. Our goal is to become a bridge between women’s football community and Bitcoin Community”. Moreover the President of the team declared “It’s an investment in terms of reciprocal grow. We would be happy to see Bitcoin grow mainstream and we wish passion of Bitcoin community will join passion for sport”.

Luca and Silvia wanted to start this social experiment from Florence, centre of medieval European trade & finance and the birthplace of the Renaissance, home town for Silvia and city where Luca actually lives and works.

“I always wanted to bring Bitcoin to the people, this is a mission for me” said Luca, and continued “I do believe it’s important everyone get to know one of the most important innovations of our century and to do that we have to penetrate in every sector of social life. Being able to create a bridge between sport and Bitcoin is an honor for me, and I have to thank Florentia for that.”

Just as historical note, the very first football sponsorship done by a crypto brand is dated back 2014 when Jetcoin Institute, a digital loyalty coin for sports fans aiming to establishing new channels of interaction between fans and athletes, placed its logo on two Italian Serie A Clubs A.C. ChievoVerona and Hellas Verona F.C. Today Jetcoin continues its venture with the goal to enable emerging talents to be supported by their fans.


  • duncaneiro says:

    Great news from btc perspective, even though futsal isn’t as popular as football it’s another case of sponsorship deals between crypto and sports. In English Premier League there are some examples of such cooperation like the most recent is Watford – mentioned in the text – or Arsenal, or Wolverhampton Wanderers with their CoinDeal exchange sponsorship. Football due to its popularity is definitely one of the best ways to promote stuff – why not cryptocurrencies, why not adaption? I think that in the following seasons we’ll see more of such sponsorships and i don’t bother – seeing the logo of the crypto exchange you are using or bitcoin itself on kits or stadium of your favorite team is a great feeling.

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