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Bitcoin Conference Afterparty: The First NFT Auction to Support A Female-Driven Charity, Presented by TokenSociety


Bitcoin2022 is coming to Miami, and leaders of the crypto community will be hosting the events the whole second week of April. One of them, Crypto Gala, presented by TokenSociety, promised to be a hit. The Gala promises an NFT auction, a panel with top speakers as Sean Kelly (Chibi Dinos NFT founder), Michael Terpin, Rarible founders, and Jeremy Gardner, as well as a party with a famous performer. All of the profits from the NFT auction will go to the Miami-based NGO Code Art.

Code Art is a non-profit whose mission is to increase the number of women studying computer science by immersing them in the creative possibilities of computer programming. The NFT auction hosted by Crypto Gala can significantly increase the number of future female tech leaders in a very male-dominated industry. In addition, famous NFT artists like Ale Glatt (“Fruit guy”) and DoWhatYouLove agreed to donate their NFTs to charity. The first bid will be lower than the market price. This will be the first NFT auction in Miami to support a female-driven NGO.

The event also revolutionized the way of ticketing. There will be two types of tickets: usual Eventbrite tickets, as well as NFT tickets. With each ticket sale, Crypto Gala will create an NFT that will be our secondary proof of sale allowing access to the event. The use of NFTs for ticketing will create a history of where that crypto user has been, giving all a record of the holder’s memorable events. People can keep their tickets in their wallets. Beyond sentimental value, they serve as a social currency for the events they attend. If they attended a legendary event, they could sell that ticket on the secondary market. NFT tickets for Crypto Gala will give holders an opportunity to attend future events at a huge discount.

There’s no better place to celebrate the future than Miami. Ranked #1 in startup activity and #3 as an emerging tech hub in the US, Miami’s vibrant daytime attractions, cultural activities, multi-ethnic cuisine, and tropical beaches are the best backdrop ever for a pulsing Crypto Gala. Nothing says Modern Miami like Wynwood and that’s where Crypto Gala will happen – at the upbeat, synergistic, and luxurious Le Rouge. The venue will be certainly recognizable for last year’s attendees – Le Rouge opened its doors first during Bitcoin2021 as a lounge for VIPs and speakers.

Bitcoin 2021 was a two-day conference in Miami’s upcoming Wynwood neighborhood that attracted 12,000 attendees in what is being advertised as not only the largest Bitcoin conference in history but one of the biggest public gatherings in the U.S. since Covid-19 started. Among the speakers were Michael Saylor (the person who convinced Elon Musk to buy BTC), Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO at that time), Kevin O’Leary, and other top names.

Among the sponsors and partners of Crypto Gala: TokenSociety Polygon, Polygon Studios, Miami Tech Life, NFTpay, Securitize, Security Token Market, Wayru, Gay Aliens Society, Cryptoys, Coodles NFT, Miami NFT Week, BitBasel, Code/Art, Upstream, Defy trends, AfterDark, Interstellar Digital, and GlamJam.

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