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BIT.GAME, the Solution of Blockchain Game


In Feb. 2018, the official website and white paper of the BIT.GAME project as the first blockchain game exchange project in the world were published, which provided one whole solution to the blockchain game with BaaS(Blockchain as a Service) as the core in order to help the existing game ecology transform from the off-blockchain to on-blockchain perfectly.

What’s the blockchain game?

First, the blockchain game is a decentralized and autonomous community based on players, developers and investors. The community behaviors such as transactions and autonomy depend on the tokens issued in the blockchain game. The game developers and investors will have some initial tokens. Other tokens will be stored in the mine pool for the game players to mine.

Secondly, the mining based on PoC contribution proving and consensus mechanism will become the standard in the blockchain game. All players can participate in token mining and get the autonomy right of the blockchain games via the voting decision based on Token share. All incomes of the blockchain games will be distributed to each holder according to the number of the held tokens.

Token is the unique currency in circulation in the game. All virtual props are transacted, and the game income are distributed via the Token.

Fig. 1 Architecture of the blockchain game

 Evolution of blockchain games

The game assets, data and contents cannot be simultaneously transferred to the blockchain in a direct manner due to technology restrictions of blockchain, so the blockchain game will gradually evolve via the following three phases:

  • Phase I Data mapping

The game economy system depends on tokens, namely the game assets are mapped to the Tokens. Most behaviors of the game players, including interaction and change of the game data, are conducted on the centralized game servers. Only when the players withdraw, store and transact the game assets, they can withdraw, store and transact the mapped Token of these game assets.

Now the blockchain game on this phase is also the easiest manner to implement.

  • Phase II: Data decentralization

The game data are transferred from the off-blockchain to the on-blockchain, but the data interaction in game playing method and game system is centralized, so it can ensure that the game data cannot be tampered in storage.

The CryptoKitties game, which the blockchain users are familiar with, only implements partial functions of the blockchain game on this phase, but it has a huge development space in the game field.

  • Phase III: Content decentralization

The game contents are fully decentralized, which not only include the game assets and game data, but also implement the game playing methods and game system via the senior intelligent contracts. The players and developers can jointly create new contents.

Pain points of the blockchain game – technology transformation

The game industry is one of the most profitable industries in the past 10-15 years and is favored by capitals. Although the game industry is difficult to survive in the last two years, it is one of the industries with the enough capitals. For partial game developers (CP) without the survival pressure, the trend tracking is more welcome compared to innovation.

The technical talents are lack in the blockchain industry. The salary standard has surpassed it of the AI industry and is ranked as the first position. Without talent and technical support, the medium-size and small-size game developers (CP) are difficult to transform to the blockchain games.

The research-operation integrated games are few. Without the support from the operation platform, the medium-size and small-size developers (CP) are isolated and helpless in transformation.

If traditional games CPs expect to quickly transform to the blockchain game CP, they shall be completely supported by the mature blockchain game solutions.

Pain points of blockchain game – value cashing

The game tokens are valuable in the game. Growth of the game users will quickly improve the value of Token. The Token of the blockchain game cannot be transacted at the exchanges due to smaller community scale and single audience according to the existing digital coin exchange standard. The high entrance fee of the exchanges is not affordable for the blockchain communities.

Investors, developers, operators and players will face to a difficulty that the token as the economy foundation of the whole game shall be cashed and transacted.

Even a small number of the blockchain games are accepted by some comprehensive digital coin exchanges after long-term waiting and payment of high entrance fee, they will also face to difficulties such as insufficient traffic and bargain difficulty at the exchange. The existing exchanges also face to traffic seizing. Except individual large exchanges, most of exchanges can only compete in prices and service quality and cannot effectively aggregate transaction users, so it is difficult to close a deal of some transactions.

BaaS solution to blockchain game

The BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) solution to the blockchain game aims to solve the pain point of technology transformation of game companies and provide the backend technology integration support based on the blockchain game and front-end exchange exits.

The backend technology integration support for the blockchain game is divided into three phases. The first phase aims to integrate the foundational public chain, Token issuing, wallet and transaction interfaces as a standard solution and configure them for different game development environment, so the game developers can directly integrate and quickly pack them.

Fig. 2  BaaS Phase I

The phase II and III aims to create the Blockchain Game Development Lab (BGDL) together with Achain, Forgame, TrustNote, Matrix AI Network, build the blockchain game development platform based on the next-generation blockchain, and implement the quick transplantation of the blockchain games.

Fig. 3 Blockchain Game Development Lab Partners

World first digital token exchange in the vertical field – BIT.GAME will serve the blockchain games for token circulation.

Professional service and highlight values
Proper requirements If a game satisfies the basic rules of the blockchain games and is operating or will operate, it can be transacted at the exchange.
No entrance fee No risk security payment or low risk security payment is paid according to the game operation conditions.
Efficient matching The transaction efficiency is improved by using the collective bidding and market making.
User aggregation The players, developers and investors in the blockchain game field shall be aggregated to form the 1+1+1>3 effect.


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