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Biotron’s Mobile App and Partnerships Grow Their Analytics Platform

0 recently closed their Initial Token Event in which almost 33 million of their BTRN cryptocurrency tokens were booked during their major crowdfunding round. The personal data analytics platform is now positioned to release their mobile application and capitalise on partnerships, in order to drive users and customers to their analytics platform.

Biotron’s personal data analytics platform connects data producers with customers of their analytics products. Their utility token is used to purchase products and reward producers. The BTRN token distribution occurred on the 9th of April 2018 and the cryptocurrency is now listed and trading on the QRYPTOS exchange.

Biotron’s mobile application is used to automatically capture the personal data from users, including location data, which is then pseudonymised and collated with other users, for high-level analytics. The platform uses blockchain technology with smart contract functionality provided by SophiaTX to facilitate payments to users. The alpha version of their mobile application will be released on Google Play in early May, with the iOS version to follow shortly after validation of the Android version.

As outlined in their 2018 roadmap, Biotron is set to use location intelligence to deliver their first products. This includes an upcoming cooperation with a global fuel brand to help them optimise their retail chain services and stores. Other partnerships will provide the platform with more data such as geospatial, social demographics, and other datasets to help develop their first products. Biotron is currently in tender for an EU project to provide cities with a smart real-time dashboard, through which local governments can take actions to improve traffic, energy consumption, and many societal sectors.

Biotron’s partnership with health data company is currently being integrated and this relationship will develop the health vertical Biotron’s analytics products. An infrastructure for a shared data environment is being created to ensure that all medical records are stored securely and that the legal framework is in place. The on-boarding of users through both Biotron’s and’s channels will then commence. The first-year goal of the cooperation is to gather data and provide it to relevant partners, such as research organisations.

Initial Token Event Traffic Summary

• 1 000 000 unique visitors from 186 countries and territories visited during the event
• More than 14 000 fans following us on social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, BitCoin Talk, Telegram)
• Media outlets covered Biotron over 400 times

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