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Big Business Secrets Now Made Available To Small Business With The Nuzdah Platform


If there is one thing that seals the fate of small businesses around the world making them less than competitive and at a constant disadvantage against big Multi-National Companies, is the fact that they lack the extra resources to develop the business solution tools dedicated to making their operations smoother. The goal of every business big or small is to maximize profit on any given investment made by it, and for Small business owners this is exceptionally difficult and even more important as their resources are extremely limited, unlike their big business counterparts. The problems plaguing the lives of Small Businesses around the world seem intractable, and although the creation of cloud computing has aided them to cover some ground over the past few years, big business never sleeps as they go ahead to invent even newer tools to keep the gap as wide as it has ever been.

The NUZDAH Solution

NUZDAH is a blockchain based startup that is steeped in the dream of eliminating the gap between big business enterprise and small businesses, as it seeks to aid small business gain access to cutting-edge business-aiding tools to aid them to achieve their dreams of survival and even excellence. NUZDAH is a company that is led by consummate IT professionals with over a decade and a half experience developing the best business solution software for clients as big as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon WS. With such a long period working to develop tools for multi-nationals NUZDAH stands at a vantage point and knows exactly what their strategies are and how they deploy them, and as such it seeks to use these same strategies in order to offer Small Business owners seamless, affordable and high-quality access to the tools they need to finally compete on a level playing ground

Bridging the Gap

One of the greatest challenges of that Small Business face every day as they fight for survival is the fact that in order to actively develop business solution tools such as access to fresh data from the growing IoT sensors markets, as well as software tools to help them oil their business machinery, they need to hire experts with a lot of experience, which doesn’t come cheap in the present world. NUZDAH knows that for Small Business to have a fighting chance of making it in a highly competitive market where big enterprises won’t cut them any slack the need high-level access to these tools without breaking the bank. As such the NUZDAH platform seeks to provide these Small Businesses with custom level and niche friendly solutions that are tailored to them. The NUZDA platform will aid Small businesses in a wide range of tasks from data management, to accessing the latest raw data from billions of sensors on IoT enabled devices around the world, as well as other cloud-related solutions. Competing is now a realistic goal for small businesses, as the NUZDAH platform hopes to use its level of experience to offer small businesses the attest tools in use for successful businesses.

A Brighter Future Ahead

No matter how great the vision of a Small Business owner is, they are doomed to falter or eventually fail if they do not have a competitive access to the tools they need to thrive, survive and beat their rivals and eventually the big players in their niches. NUZDAH is a platform for all kinds of business solution software and data access and management, as it seeks to provide small businesses wherever they might be located around the world with a highly efficient, and ultimately cost-efficient access to raw and processed data, as well as app solutions to guarantee they survive in a soon to be completely wired IoT world. The NUZDAH platform is one that removes the great handicap suffered by small businesses, as it hopes to offer everyone the fighting chance to make it, without unfair advantage over another.

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