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Better Mobile Trading with vTrader’s New Cryptocurrency App


The crypto trading company, vTrader, introduces its new mobile app to bring the smartphone crypto trading to a new level. Traders can now buy bitcoin with euro, transfer their assets between them free of charge, in a safe and instant environment, and make use of the reliable wallets offered within the app.

Just as Revolut innovated online banking, vTrader brings to cryptocurrency the concept of transferring crypto assets to the users’ phone contact list.

The app works on both Android and iOS and can be used to buy Bitcoin and other cryptos. Unlike exchange platforms, where you to create an order then wait for someone to fill in, vTrader allows you to trade directly with any of your contacts in a matter of seconds.

App Features

Although simple to use, vTrader’s cryptocurrency app comes with well-rounded features like:

  • Sending, receiving, trading, and requesting cryptos from your friends in the contact list;
  • Supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, Cardano Monero, and Dash;
  • Consulting and managing wallets for every supported cryptocurrency;
  • Depositing and withdrawing fiat in Euro;
  • Cryptocurrency funding in Bitcoin and Ethereum;
  • Mobile app and desktop fully synchronized.

Are there any Fees?

Sending, receiving, trading, and requesting cryptos from your phone contacts is completely free of charge.

The only fees are for the buy or sell orders (0.85%) on the desktop platform, and withdrawals or deposits (1.8% fee plus a 0.99 EUR).

Where Can I Find the App?

vTrader mobile app is developed for both Android and iOS devices. You can download the app for free from Google Play and App Store.

As all legitimate financial services must ensure that all transactions are legally executed, vTrader’s requires its users to complete a KYC, before using its platform and trading services. This procedure can be completed from both desktop and mobile app.

Customer Support

vTrader’s support team is available 24/7 to answer and solve all platform and trading-related issues for all their users.

About vTrader

The liquidity problem is an issue most crypto exchanges are faced with. Therefore, three experienced Romanian programmers – Vlad Sas, Alex Gherghe, and Codrin Rareș – developed vTrader platform. With a system in which the orders are filled automatically close to market prices, placing the orders on Bittrex, the liquidity is always ensured.

Furthermore, the co-founders created vTrader as a particularly safe and secure exchange by implementing strong security measures such as storing all the assets in cold wallets. Also, the fiat transfer services are enabled through a collaboration with the Globitex (NexPay UAB) company.

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