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BeTOK – A Blockchain-Powered Network for Monetizing Your Digital Content


BeTok is blockchain-based marketplace that allows people to monetize their personal data and digital activities online.

Identity has always been important. It is why the government requires us to certify our real identity with truthful personal information. But as we share more personal information online, our data become digitized and we establish digital identities.

From the comments we make on blog posts and friends’ pictures, to the images and videos that show up on Google under our names – it is virtually impossible to leave no trace online. The bottom line is everyone has a digital identity and it stems from our interactions, the information we search, what we buy or sell and the content we generate on social networks. It is this digital identity that defines who we are.

While we may likely not mind sharing our personal data with centralized institutions like Facebook or Google, we should be concerned with the manner in which these companies utilize that data. In fact, we should dictate how they use it.

Users for long have been led to believe that these companies are offering them “free services”, not knowing the immensely mind-boggling potential of their data in generating hundreds of billions of dollars every year. The information we provide is used by service providers for the purpose of marketing and user analysis, but it when it comes to sharing of the advertising revenue, we are completely forgotten.

Another key issue we must address is data privacy. Whenever an individual wishes to use an online service, they are subjected to stressful procedures of having to prove their identity before using the service. Even under such an unpleasant experience, your digital identity and online activities are controlled and managed by these service providers. If that data goes to the hands of wrong people, bad things can happen.

The #be Self- Profiling and Decentralization

Through research and development, trial and error, visionaries have risen from failure to success, seeking solutions to the current issues of digital identity and data privacy. There’s hope that a solution is in the offing with BeTOK, a blockchain-based marketplace for people digital activities monetization, alongside transparency and high ROI for publishers and advertisers. Powered by the distributed ledger technology and the cutting-edge self-profiling technology, the #be platform enables individuals to enhance control over their data and optimize their experiences.

By shifting the ownership and control of data from centralized entities to individuals, we are putting individuals at the center of all things and at total control of their personal data as they go about their routine internet activities. Because your valuable information will be decentralized and shared by advertisers only with your consent, the #be platform is disrupting the data industry by making it equitable and most importantly rewarding for you as the consumer. The #be network is breaking the established norms in the data industry that sidelines users and refuse to accord them the rights and respect they deserve. With the #be platform, internet users get premium value in form of monetary benefits in exchange for their valuable data.

The design philosophy of #be will afford users maximum ease in interacting and benefiting from the full worth of their digital activities. Additionally, thanks to the profiling technology, the network allows users to take snaps of their digital activities and securely upload them to their #be portal, then monetize this data with advertisers via smart contracts. Users will then be paid in the utility token, #be token.

For more information about #be, visit their website and join their communication channels: Twitter and Telegram. Learn about their platform, and share great ideas to inspire greater audience. 

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