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Bank Protocol: All in One DeFi Lending Protocol for Digital Assets


Public pre-sale

Bank Protocol announces its only public pre-sale. The public pre-sale will start on December 23, 7:00PM UTC and will be available on our website. 240,000 tokens will be sold for 2.5 USD per token (0,00397 ETH — Fixed Ether price: $630), accepted currency is Ethereum. (Minimum buy-in of 0.5 ETH and a maximum of 25 ETH per address)

Bank Protocol’s public pre-sale will last 8 days or once all the tokens are sold. After the pre-sale follows the token listing on Uniswap (January 1, 7:00PM UTC).

The soft cap of the public pre-sale is $150,000 and the hard cap is $600,000.
To look at the Token Metrics and how the raised funds will be distributed, click HERE.

Token Utility

After purchasing Bank Protocol ($BKP) tokens via the pre-sale, participants will be able to stake or provide liquidity to earn more BKP tokens. The Staking DApp beta version has been launched already. For those who don’t know what crypto staking is, we’ll be happy to refer you to Binance Academy. The BKP token represents Governance and Protocol Incentivization but more importantly, the opportunity to earn via network fees, liquidation events (Liquidity Mining or Yield Farming), loan payouts and more. At a later stage we have planned to develop our lending platform where users will be able to lend and borrow Digital assets to earn fees.

Token Distribution

  • Public Sale: 40%
  • Liquidity Mining/Staking Rewards: 30%
  • Uniswap listing: 15%
  • Team/Advisors: 15% (Fully locked for 3 months with Team.Finance)
  • Softcap: 240 ETH
  • Hardcap: 950 ETH

Quick overview

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