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Bangalore Fintech Summit 2019 to take place 27 July at Alliance University


One of Bangalore’s largest Summit on Blockchain and AI focusing largely on 10 different sectors with expert views on the disruptive potential of these technologies and the impact it would create for business globally.  

Bangalore Fintech Summit 2019 is scheduled to take place 27 July 2019 at Alliance University (Learning Center, Central Campus) in Bangalore, India. Focusing on the industries most impacted by blockchain technology, join over 100 progressive professionals, industry-leading speakers, global companies, business schools, and innovative tech start-ups and gain the knowledge, skills and connections to unlock the potential of Blockchain Technology.

The summit agenda will present a series of interactive panel discussions covering various industries and case studies with expert session and paper presentations to showcase the right alignment to today’s industry challenges.

Line of knowledge includes: Blockchain Enterprise Solutions, Blockchain Strategies, Fintech, Securities & Regulations, Blockchain in Business, Blockchain Innovation, Used Cases, Reality Vs Hype, The Business and Technology Mix, AI in Business.

Besides, the summit will bring in 15+ speakers alongside 100+ delegates from industry and academia.

Enterprise blockchain and AI application showcase

The Enterprise Block Chain and AI Application Showcase through paper presentations brings together the best and brightest of minds with great passion in technology and from the enterprise block chain community to showcase ground reality in block chain application through the demonstration of used cases and applications.

The Enterprise Block Chain and AI Application Showcase is being held at the Bangalore Block Chain Summit 2019, hosted at the Alliance University, Bangalore.

Call for papers

The Enterprise Block Chain and AI Application Showcase acknowledges innovation and leadership in the transformation that block chain and AI is bringing to business, government and society. Winning this paper presentation series demonstrates to the community that you are uniquely committed to block chain and AI innovation.

Find all details, speakers and full agenda on the official website.

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