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As 2020 Gives Us Losses, Bitcoin Casinos Pocket a Win


2020 has proven to be a big year for bitcoin casinos, here’s why more of us than ever are comfortable gambling bitcoin.

2020 has been a gamble in and of itself. With nearly every imaginable apocalyptic scenario befalling the world at once, 2020 has made it more than difficult for us to all live those comfortable, risk-averse, pleasant little existences that we’re used to. For many- it’s also given us a load of free time with few other outlets besides our screens. For businesses, it’s been a make or break year, where a given niche can’t make it in the online world, pivoting antiquated business tactics with the firm footwork of technology, they may as well hang up their hats.

Cryptocurrencies, and the technologies that come with them, have boomed in popularity this year- and so too have their satellite occupational prospects. Bringing not just the world of finance into 2021, but also all of the games, speculation, and investment opportunities that have long affiliated themselves with fiat. No one has seen this to be truer than bitcoin casinos. Review sites like Casino Genie have been seeing a huge influx of Bitcoin Casinos ready for review, which means that 2020 might have brought something good with it after all.

Bitcoin Casinos See More Players

Perhaps because we’re all stuck in lockdown with little else to do but stare at our phones and wonder about our finances, bitcoin casinos have seen a notable uptick in business this year, but it may not be solely because of boredom. Or covid, for that matter. With unstable economic and political climates popping up the world over, more people seem to be looking for a better way to protect their personal assets and find a viable alternative to the currencies that seem to be failing them.

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin have seen a massive adoption of late as well, with more people than ever looking to get in on the digital currency boom. Just like with every other type of currency known to the history of man- people will find a way to gamble that money, and get themselves more. Bitcoin casinos, trying to snag mass adoption, and pander to client loyalty, have some pretty spectacular bonuses and promotions on offer- which means your bitcoin bankroll can go much further than most fiat-based casino pocket money.

Safety in Numbers

Not only that, but bitcoin is a much safer bet when it comes to transacting currency online. With traditional banking methods, much more than just money is sent anytime you transact money online. Personal information like names, addresses, in some cases even highly sensitive information like social security numbers or intimate banking details are exchanged. Which can set many players up for identity theft, or other types of online fraud. With bitcoin, this rarely happens.

That’s because bitcoin is a pseudoanonymous currency, which means your personal information is rarely stored, and never passed along to retailers. There are also far fewer transaction fees associated with bitcoin. As an added bonus, bitcoin can be much more quickly withdrawn or deposited, because bitcoin wallets are subject to the same restrictions that are placed on traditional banking institutions. So, it’s pretty easy to see why so many players are making the shift to bitcoin casinos as opposed to traditional ways to play.

Risk-Averse is So 2019

Another huge factor thought to have a hand in this new love of crypto is the fact that many of us are becoming less risk-averse in 2020. Maybe it’s because we’re constantly facing the possibility of an untimely demise, or perhaps because we’ve already lost so much this year. If that sounds a bit depressing… well, that’s because it is. Mental health experts have been warning of an impending mental health “fallout” following the resolution of COVID. Mostly because few of us have ever faced such destruction of normalcy in our lifetimes, so collectively, we are mourning so many of the simple, everyday routines that we held dear.

Which means that as a collective, we’re not only looking for new and inventive ways to pass the time and disconnect from the horrors that surround us- but we’re also less likely to be overly concerned about taking risks. Because frankly- when going to stock up on toilet paper becomes a risk, why hesitate when it comes to swapping currencies?

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