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ALAX Signs LOIs With Egret Technology And Other H5 Game Vendors 

  • ALAX is a blockchain mobile games platform. It connects global game developers with over a hundred million mobile gamers worldwide
  • HTML5 is the next $100 billion game platform
  • ALAX signs LOIs with Egret Technology, QuickGames, NiceGame and more
  • ALAX becomes the preferred payment solution partner for game developers across these networks

ALAX, a Hong Kong and Geneva based blockchain mobile game distribution platform, fresh from their US$3.8 million fundraise in early May 2018, has announced several partnerships with H5 game vendors in China and Taiwan.

Spurred by demand from China’s mobile gamers, which currently number 582 million individuals, H5 games are steadily gaining popularity domestically and across the region. With the recent LOIs, ALAX is in the perfect position to take advantage of this trend.

A major partnership is Egretia, the blockchain lab of Egret Technology. Beijing-based Egret Technology offers HTML5 mobile solution and services for games and application professionals. It provides various solutions for HTML5 game studios and developers such as game engine Egret Engine, which is used by over 70% of H5 game developers. A total of 200k users developed more than 8,000 H5 games based on their services.

Egretia cooperates with Egret Technology’s overseas partners and develops blockchain-related technologies on their behalf. The first product from Egretia is the eponymous HTML5 blockchain engine and platform, which will allow all HTML5 games powered by Egretia engine and tools to easily access the blockchain. Developers can then quickly create HTML5 games and application easily. With this LOI, ALAX is now part of Egretia as the payment solutions for game developers, of which there are 130,000 worldwide.

Wen Xiangdong, VP of Egret Technology, says, “ALAX is proving a much-needed service to our game developers. Previously, game developers would have had to wait for the settlement for up to 6 months.  Now, through ALAX, they will receive the payment immediately giving them peace of mind. This truly incentivises our developers to create engaging and enjoyable content.”

Other LOIs signed by ALAX are with QuickGames and NiceGame, both are which are H5 Game vendors. NiceGame, in particular, looks to promote and develop online games and games platforms and focuses on creating various types of online games agents and operations. QuickGames and NiceGame will be creating games for the ALAX store, which will be the first games on ALAX.

Bellotec, one of the biggest SMS payment provider in China, have also signed on.  Looking to provide cross-border app solutions for SMEs, Bellotec will be offering a variety of integration solutions from webpages and servers to the ALAX SDK along with payment integrations for e-commerce. Bellotec will support ALAX in their SDK straight away, providing ALAX with hundreds of game developers and users immediately.

Kalvin Feng, Co-founder of ALAX, said: “These LOIs are the tip of the iceberg for us. In addition to game developers, we are also looking to sign on LOIs with other smartphone developers so that the end-consumers across Asia will have a smarter, easier way to play mobile games.”

About ALAX

ALAX is a Mobile Game Distribution Platform, based on blockchain technology, which is set to transform the gaming industry around the world. It is a joint venture from blockchain technology business DECENT and app and game distribution platform Dragonfly, and aims to provide a platform for content creators and gamers alike, including ‘unbanked’ consumers worldwide. The ALAX partnerships means DECENT’s proprietary blockchain technology will be immediately rolled out to Dragonfly’s over 100 million active users.

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