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Aeternity raises over 23.80 million CHF in Phase 2 Contribution Campaign. Mainnet in 2018 Q1


Last Friday Æternity has announced the successful conclusion of its Phase 2 Contribution Campaign. The campaign started May 29, 2017 and was supposed to close June 19, 2017 (3 weeks), however the max cap target was reached after only 11 days.

“We just reached our self imposed cap. The aeternity contribution campaign will end in 6 more hours from the time the cap got hit. To check the current time, please have a look at our contribution wallet.” – Yanislav Georgiev Malahov, Æternity Founder

During Phase 2 Contribution Campaign Æternity raised over 23.80 million CHF, aproximately 24.94 million USD. This combined with the phase 1 Contribution Campaign totals over 63 million CHF, a bit more than 65 million USD, from over 8,000 contributors.

AE tokens are not created yet, so they are not currently tradable. There will be a security audit first, then the tokens will be created and distributed to the contributors. More information is coming from the team soon about distribution, the remaining Ledger Nano claims to be processed, and more. Best way to stay up to date with the latest news is following the team via the official Slack and Telegram channels.

“We’re currently arranging the creation of the ERC20 AE token. This requires a security audit, but that’s different from the security audit, mentioned in the roadmap.” – Yanislav Georgiev Malahov, Æternity Founder

According to the latest public stats, 227,229,385.921 AE Tokens will be distributed to to the contributors. AE (æons) are the access tokens to the Æternity network and act as a unit of account for the resources spent on Æternity. Furthermore, æons are the energy for any application implemented on the platform. The mainnet is expected to be launched in 2018 Q1.



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