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Achain Joining “Blockchain Innovation and Regulation” Talks at Asia-Pacific Blockchain Forum


Achain joined Asia-Pacific Blockchain Forum organized by Blockchain Collaborative Consortium (BCCC), a Japan-based Blockchain collaboration initiative. The forum attracted numerous blockchain expert and business personnel, with many scholars also attending the event. Joining Achain are dapps such as LinkEye, Smartshare and Kcash who are part of Achain ecosystem. The Achain team and its partner teams showcased Achain’s latest development in blockchain technology.

Achain Ecosystem Booth

The majority of the attendees come from Japan since the event took place in Tokyo. However, guests and guest speaker of the Forum come from a much wider range of countries, including China, South Korea and the United States.

The theme of the event is the “Blockchain innovation and regulation”. Speakers debated on new innovations of blockchain and their possible application scenarios while all agreed that regulatory efforts should be put in place for the healthy development of the industry.

Achain team talking with blockchain fans

Achain, being a public blockchain platform, has always been committed to building a solid and secure blockchain network for everyone. By bring many innovative blockchain technologies on to the table, Achain is determined to push the technical boundaries while maintaining a strong alliance with regulation entities across the world.

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