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Achain at Blockjakarta: How We Approach Blockchain Scalability Issue


Blockjakarta, also known as Indonesia’s Blockchain Capability Conference was a huge success. It attracted blockchain expert of different nationalities, joining forces in a discussion over how blockchain will benefit the world and what issues we were facing at the moment. Achain’s business director Dane Elliot participated the event and delivered a speech on how Achain approaches the blockchain scalability issue.

Blockchain technology is disruptive on a global scale. But, the blockchain industry itself is facing a critical issue, knows as scalability problem. Scalability of blockchain is very important when it comes to the adoption of a bigger market.

Achain BD Director Dane Elliot (Second Left)

“I’m sure that Achain technology is one of the answers to solve blockchain scalability problem. At Achain, we believe all successful Dapps will eventually leave the public chain and build their own blockchain. How we approach the scalability issue is that our innovative cloning of blockchain can be used to create customized chains for developers. Essentially creating new pathways for smart contracts to run.” said Elliot.

Achain’s booth at the event attracted more than a hundred of people. Dane Elliot spoke with other speakers at the event, Constantin Papadimitriou President of Pundi X, Danny Baskara, Founder and CEO of Vexanium and Oscar Darmawan who is the CEO and Co-Founder of It should be noted that just a few days ago, ACT (Achain’s token) ranked first during the community voting on Indodax. The total votes gained by the ACT is 3,481,156, with a whopping 1 million votes lead than the second.

Last week, Achain announced that it entered the second stage, where it aims to provide the Scalable BaaS Network to make developers around the work easier for creating their own Decentralized App (Dapp). Achain now has a total of 120 smart contracts running on its network, making it one of the most popular public blockchain in the world.

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