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A path to non-stop trading is going to reach its top-performing professionals: FINEXPO gets too eager and vibrant to announce the fourth Traders Awards voting process


Seemingly, the continuous boom of global trading has conveyed the importance of seeking for the best world traders in so many regions, as FINEXPO experts concluded. While voting on is like to be followed among a medley of the enterprises having their active members in TRADERS FAIR project (being such nominees) as well as other voters, there is a distinct clue that those are gradually triggering in the success stories and professional trading potentialities of each other. 

The voting introduction: Traders are oriented to give their votes just once for one nominee in each nomination from the same social account for the whole voting time span. Yet, nominees are able to hold the title for a prestigious Traders Awards 2021 and be solely nominated for the one and only trophy from the four available in each country, however, the Sponsors are enough encouraged to contribute in two nominations to gain the attention of the public.  

The voting process: as far as the voters are concerned, the voting primarily emerges and lasts from January until November 2021. Therefore, it is a strong recommendation of FINEXPO for the nominees to officially submit their application form to be a direct participant until October 1, 2021 with no exceptions here. 

The desirable outcomes: The final results and winners will be announced on the official Traders Awards website in December 2021. In addition to this rule, some right of FINEXPO administration has been exceptionally given to be liable for removing the nominee from the voting if the artificially generated votes have a place to be. It is true that Traders Awards Team has the privilege to select a sort of  nomination, whoever – the Participant or the Sponsor- wanted to be involved in a competition. 

Certainly, the next Asia Traders Awards should be presented like this: 

  • For the first turn, In Thailand – Best Broker, Best Trading Service, Best Trading Guru;
  • For the second turn, In Malaysia – Best Broker, Best Trading Service, Best Trading Guru;
  • For the third turn, In Philippines – Best Broker, Best Trading Service, Best Trading Guru;
  • For the fourth turn, In Vietnam – Best Broker, Best Trading Service, Best Trading Guru. 

By dint of the large-scale expansion of trading in almost each corner of the globe and nearly all spheres of business, a tough rivalry for The Best Trader Award is eventually leading the traders to having further motivation and enthusiasm for the next goals to be achieved. Finexpo believes that even the starters in trading may get the benefits of that competition to be recognized in the world trading arena, more extend the horizon of their trading abilities and, at last, push forward the limits of the trading skills when they feel like lagging behind from their competitors. For this reason, this surely means that due to the The Best Trader Award online event by Finexpo, there is a chance for all the notable trading skills and achievements to become encouraged and any other participants may be supported for the best themselves to do their future progress. 


Finexpo PR manager, [email protected],  +49 174 840 20 73 

For any questions, suggestions and requests about the Traders Awards 2021 or an introduction to the industry experts included in the press release, please, don’t be hesitated to contact Ponamareva Svetlana


FINEXPO has been recognized as the exhibitions and the luxury trade shows maker in all parts of the world. To illustrate, currently, the company is active in the countries: Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, India, Egypt, Cyprus, China, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Latvia and so many others. 

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