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A Look at the Most Popular Cryptocurrencies to See Which is Worth investing in 2022


There are over 18,000 cryptocurrencies on the market at the time of writing. Yes, 18,000. Needless to say, that most of them are useless and probably won’t be here a few years from now. As a matter of fact, only a handful of cryptos should be on people’s radars. It’s still good to have a mix of well-known and proven cryptocurrencies as well as a few dark horses here and there in your portfolio. Well-established cryptos will bring some stability and lesser-known ones often have the best growth potential. So, if your goal is for your assets to appreciate while storing value, you have to have a mix and match approach. Let’s take a look at awesome of the most popular cryptocurrencies to see which is worth investing in in 2022.


Bitcoin continues to be the leader in the crypto space, and this isn’t likely to change anytime soon. Bitcoin is like the reserve currency for crypto and every serious investor needs to have some in their portfolio. It is the most recognizable and respected crypto and it’s used as a barometer for what’s happening with the crypto markets as a whole. Bitcoin also seems to be a good store of value and has reacted favorably to recent global events. So, if you’re looking for the crypto equivalent to gold, Bitcoin seems to be the way to go right now.


Ether is the second coin on our list and another one any savvy investor should have in their wallet. Ether is not quite like Bitcoin, however. The real goal of Ether is to power applications on the Ethereum blockchain. This means that Ether, unlike Bitcoin, has intrinsic value, and as long as there will be demand for Ethereum’s blockchain we can expect to see demand for Ether. This is another coin that should be on your list of stores of value.


XRP is the wild child of crypto and it goes against pretty much everything people in the community stand for. It is a highly centralized coin made specifically to assist legacy systems, not go against them. This can be a pro or a con depending on which way you look at it. But, unless you’re an ideological investor, it would be wise to invest in XRP since it has the backing of some of the biggest financial institutions on the planet.

What About Smaller Altcoins?

In our opinion, everyone should invest in a few altcoins just in case one breaks out and to facilitate trading. Consider investing in a few stablecoins for fluidity’s sake. You should also look at a few promising projects and see if something interests you.

Some of the promising altcoins for the future include Golem, which allows people to borrow computing power from the computers on its blockchain; Polkadot, which aims to bring multiple blockchains together; and Dash, which markets itself as the crypto equivalent to PayPal.

You will not be able to trade these cryptos on all exchanges, however, so you need to pick one with a good selection. Here, we suggest you check out They’ve been around for many years and have a stellar reputation for the quality of their service, so give them a closer look.

These are some of the cryptocurrencies that should be on your radar if you’re trying to invest right now. Before you buy anything, make sure that you read the latest news on it and get your information from a wide variety of sources.

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