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A journey into Minecraft with Coin Magi & The Fruits Clan


Minecraft is a survival game that has a little bit of everything for everyone. When you start playing, you wake up in an infinite world made of blocks. There are various landscapes to explore, but you have to be careful at nighttime, when the monsters come out. To protect yourself, there are two options: setting up a base to keep enemies out (crafting) and mining resources to expand your base and craft weapons and armour to defend yourself.

Once you are established, you can go in many directions. The creative ones can build amazing structures, while tinkerers might prefer to construct complex machines to automate processes – or other fun stuff. Explorers can venture out to find a jungle, a desert or one of the many other biomes. And the brave players out there can cross dimensions to conquer the fiery Nether or defeat the Ender Dragon.

The Fruits Clan hosts an open multiplayer server, so that players around the world can enjoy these various adventures together. There is no interest in profit, so the members can play together for free. But since keeping the servers running requires money, they rely on donations. There are many clan members who would like to donate, but just don’t have the money. So an alternative method for support is
needed. And what could be a better way to keep a community that loves to mine alive than by mining

This is where the collaboration with Coin Magi (ticker: XMG) comes into place. The XMG economy server is a server where the currency is XMG. Players can play here and buy from the market or also from other players. The XMGs in the economy are play money, players can purchase packs and permissions with real XMG coins, so that they can do more in Minecraft than players who don’t.

In the future there will be a special game event on the server once a week, where players can win a certain amount of xmg’s. Soon, we will also be starting Counterstrike Source and Go servers. Here too, the players will be given the option to purchase packs so that they can do more in the games than players who don’t have packs.

The Fruits Clan has more ideas for games for XMG. Many members mine and donate XMG coins to the clan. The Fruits Clan is for everyone, just like XMG Coin of Magi.


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