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A Growth Spurt, Not Only for The Number of Fans in BIT.GAME Telegram


In recent years, the development of blockchain has continuously grown vigorously around the world. Blockchain technology catalyzed a tremendous growth in related industries in 2017. The popularity of this kind of disruptive technology is the prospective tendency of Fintech, typically marked by blockchain in China. Senior game and computer technology practitioners were scenting a shift in industry. That being blockchain game would be counting on blockchain’s potential to change the industry for the better.

Eric Sun was one of the prescient persons. He and three other colleagues of mutual interests founded BIT.GAME. BIT.GAME builds the first global blockchain game exchange while also producing a complete set of blockchain game solutions with the help of its blockchain technology and provide a blockchain game incubation platform.

At the Global Blockchain Summit on April 3rd, BIT.GAME has been gradually acknowledged in blockchain and game circle by extensive propaganda. Eric Sun, the founder and CEO of BIT.GAME, promoted the establishment of GBGU (as Global Blockchain Game Union) and gave given a moving speech. His specialized knowledge and original expectation coalesced admirably in his talking about the future of blockchain game.

Like a vintage wine deep in the ally, with some advertising slightly it will soon be known to all. After the forum, numerous game, blockchain, media, investment, etc. companies were hoping to cooperate with BIT.GAME on exchange, provide technical support and assist with the uninterrupted development.

There were more business partners than BIT.GAME could attend to single-handed. So far, BIT.GAME has already achieved a lot of strategic partnership with some famous public blockchain companies, overseas media and game enterprises. It is estimated that the scale and value of BIT.GAME will hold unprecedented space in the video game industry.

It is worth mentioning that BIT.GAME’s telegram growth spurt was done so without any operational methods. Only by making some announcements about its ICO and reward programs through Facebook and Twitter, attention gather relatively and fast, much faster than what was expected. From April 10th to 14th, a new telegram of BIT.GAME has already adopted more than 72,000 users. This unexpected episode illustrates why, despite BIT.GAME is in its formative start-up stage, its influence and brand spotlight continue to get better. In the future, BIT.GAME will recruit enthusiastic and loyal users cordially, to be its external-partner and help them to manage existing communities and some propaganda works. BIT.GAME will grow with its mass users and share the dividends of innovation and development jointly.

Now, the heat of domestic market of blockchain does not decrease BIT.GAME’s overseas market continuous promotion. The next strategic planning will be: BIT.GAME shall embrace overseas market, taking a substantial step forward to continuously refine and build upon its foundation. BIT.GAME announced its pre-ICO during LoT, Blockchain & AI Tech Expo in Olympia London on Apr. 19th when CEO Eric Sun gave his speech.

BIT.GAME’s delegation arrived at London on Apr. 16th and attended Huobi’s meetup and met quite a number of entrepreneurs who shows interests to their project. Besides, they’ve also attended LoT, Blockchain & AI Tech Expo in Olympia London on Apr. 18th and 19th, where they attended conference, joined interactive panel discussions, and set up its own exhibition stand with No. of 61. Eric Sun, as BIT.GAME’s CEO is also gave a speech on Apr. 19th in the afternoon, where he announced pre-ICO plans and other future plans.

Regarding the speech, Eric Sun disclosed something. BIT.GAME is the world’s first blockchain game exchange, and it will grow with its customers, game players and traders. “It has PoC, short for Proof of Contribution, which is a mining pool with a double buy-back program for all game players and traders.” Last mysterious words added by Eric Sun.

The most important and pleasant surprised thing is pre-ICO. It started on April 19th. BIT.GAME has never partnered with third-party agencies for the token sales. Any potential buyer of the token could go through strict KYC procedure. The sale will open to every country and region where similar activities are welcomed. The most generous bonuses are only given to those who purchase tokens initially.

BIT.GAME believes this forum will gather countless entrepreneurs and leaders from the blockchain and video game industry, where they could deeply communicate about subjects related to blockchain technology and its subsequent application within games.

Beyond the forum, on April 20th, BIT.GAME partnered with Matrix to hold a meet-up at crown plaza Kensington. BIT.GAME’s delegation made an in-depth communication with participators in the meet-up regarding hot topics that game players care about the most and the overturn that blockchain brings for the traditional game industry, the development tendency for blockchain games, as well as rebuilding the credit value of game industry by blockchain.

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