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A Few Inventive Ways Technology Has Improved Sports Betting


Sports betting has evolved into one of the most profitable and widely enjoyed industries in the world. For many fans, their favourite sport isn’t quite the same without placing a healthy bet on their hunch. It is now part and parcel of the experience, with digital betting, in particular, becoming a mainstay fixture in sport sponsorship and advertising.

Much of this affiliation is down to the technological advancements in the industry, which have made sports betting more accessible and enjoyable than ever before. Here are just a few examples of how digital achievements have improved the experience of sports betting.


More than anything, technology has made our lives more convenient. This is no different when it comes to sports betting.

Many of the best sports betting sites (indeed, the best betting sites in general) are considered so by their fans based on the quality of their apps as much as the useability of their desktop websites. Sports betting sites are designed primarily with user convenience in mind, focused on refining their systems so that even someone who’s never stepped foot inside a bookies can join in on the fun.

Mobile betting and its continued growth through new apps and user-friendly features (such as passwords attached to face ID) have made it possible to bet on the go and allow the process to become a healthy part of the consumer’s weekend routine, whether they’re at a sporting event or not.

One of the biggest frustrations in online betting is when you want to act on that hunch and place a bet, but the website or app makes you wait 24 hours to access your deposit. New verification and safety systems that work instantaneously have largely removed this problem from the industry, with all the leading brands giving users instant access to their deposits.

Of course, we live in an age where everything has to be live and in the moment. Betting has to think like broadcast news, providing constant updates and making consumers feel like they’re experiencing the moment. Live betting odds have helped to achieve this, with constant AI updates providing reflective betting odds based on what is happening in the sport in that moment. This helps achieve the most holistic betting experience.


Sports betting needs to be safe to be successful and find a mass-market audience.

The transition to online platforms was always going to be a challenging one for the industry, but technological advancements have helped to make this a seamless transition, giving punters safe and secure platforms to store sensitive information on protected by industry-leading software.

With the crux of their industry being built around assuring customers of the safety of their platforms and convincing first-time betters to join in the fun from the comfort of their own home, it’s no surprise that the industry has put significant amounts into protecting their customers from the dangers of cybercrime such as hacking.

If you aren’t sure of the first platform you find, the variety in the industry that technology has allowed for gives you an abundance of options to choose from.


For many fans sport is about the atmosphere. The fans, the food, the stadium build as much on history as it is brick and mortar. That’s hard to recreate from a sofa or while walking around a shopping mall on a Saturday afternoon. Thankfully, technology has helped sports betting overcome this hurdle and create a unique atmosphere that goes some way to replicating the sports-watching experience.

We’ve already mentioned how live odds updating throughout an event can help place you in the stands and smell the artificial grass, but live-streamed games directly through the app take that a step further. This innovation, whether it’s directly streaming video of the sport or using icons to recreate the essence of a game help app users feel more connected to the game they’re betting on and make more informed decisions.

The general advancement in technological design has also contributed to this in some effect. Online casinos have graphically innovative games (poker on Mars anyone?) while sports betting uses simple design techniques to re-create the essence of the betting shop on the way to the match or race.

Where next?

If we are to believe that innovation will never end and technology can only advance, where does that leave sports betting?

The industry is so ingrained into sporting cultures that it’s hard to see a split any time soon. Profits will go up, but audiences will also demand more, especially if they’re spending more.

It’s easy to see developments in new currencies being embraced by the industry, especially if the cryptocurrency experiment breeds success. Bitcoin may just be the first of many new ways to gamble on the success of your favourite team.

The continued rise of eSports will also present the online sports gambling industry with a difficult scenario. Do they fully embrace virtual sports and give equal footing to this unique market or continue to act as if its a niche interest and potentially miss out on an entirely new, potentially much younger, consumer market?

It’s hard to find an inch of society that hasn’t been radically changed in some fashion by technological advancements of the last few decades. Sports betting will continue to rise and grow in popularity while keeping an eye out for potential breakthroughs that could change gambling forever. Bitcoins and in-game updates will soon be as important as the ball and goal.

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