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A fantastic start of Gaming and Web3 in 2024: Gate New Year Festival ended successfully


Gate New Year Festival, in less than half a month, witnessed remarkable engagement, with over 844K total event views and a vibrant community of more than 62.5K participants. The dedication of gamers was evident, with over 74.2K quests completed, showcasing the event’s ability to captivate and motivate the gaming community. Additionally, the festival was a catalyst for growth, welcoming 34.1K new members into the community, further solidifying its impact on the gaming world.

There are many more important results of this event, which will be introduced to readers step by step below. We hope that more readers will participate in the construction of the Web3 world.

The data performance exceeded expectations, and the popularity of the event showed the development vitality of the Web3 world in 2024

Gate New Year Festival is jointly organized by Gate and DeGame, and the event date is January 23rd and February 6th, 2024. This event is not only an important symbol of the prosperity of the Web3 game industry in 2024, but also a model of intimate interaction between users and platforms in the digital economy era.

The festival, celebrated as a spring gaming extravaganza, invited participants to embark on a journey filled with electrifying quests and challenges. This exclusively online event was a testament to the power of digital innovation, offering a plethora of rewards including tokens, exclusive NFTs, and tangible prizes for the victors. The event’s design transformed ordinary online interactions into a jubilation of gaming and enthusiasm, attracting gamers from across the globe.

The Gate New Year Festival achieved remarkable success, as evidenced by its impressive statistics:

  1. Total Event Views: Surpassed 844K
  2. Total User Participation: More than 62.5K
  3. Total Completed Quests: Over 74.2K
  4. New Community Members: 34.1K+
  5. Twitter Impressions: 104K+
  6. Twitter Spaces Views: 36K+

The event’s success was amplified through social media, with Twitter impressions reaching over 104K and Twitter Spaces views hitting 36K+. This digital engagement highlighted the festival’s reach and the enthusiastic response from the gaming and Web3 communities.

The prize pool reached $10000, participants gained rewards and happiness through this event

The festival’s success was bolstered by the collaborative efforts of DeGame, Gate Wallet, and a host of participating projects such as WBTT, ACE Animals, Genesis Universe, Star Protocol, and many others. This collective endeavor was further supported by community and media partners including Jinse Finance, Xpert Media, and BLCKCHN, whose contributions were instrumental in amplifying the event’s reach and impact.

The overwhelming success of the Gate New Year Festival was made possible by the active participation of the gaming community, the strategic collaborations with various projects, and the unwavering support of community and media partners. This collective spirit not only elevated the event but also underscored the dynamic and collaborative nature of the Web3 gaming ecosystem.

The Gate New Year Festival was not just a celebration but a forward-looking exploration of future gaming trends. It showcased the infinite possibilities of the Web3 gaming world and set the stage for future innovations and collaborations.

Introductions from two major event organizers: The power to change the future of Web3

About Gate Web3 Wallet:

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About DeGame:

DeGame is the world’s largest NFT gaming aggregation platform, collaborating with numerous guilds, blockchains, and thousands of gaming projects, offering the innovative DeGame Community feature serves as a guide and collaboration system, providing an all-encompassing, user-friendly, and customizable free automated task module to transform new users into loyal and engaged participants.

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