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777.BINGO: The World’s First Blockchain Pan Entertainment Platform


Matt Lee graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology, China, and from the Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris. He received his EMBA from CKGSB in China. Mr. Lee started his career as Game Developer at Com2uS, world’s leading mobile game company, in 2003. Matt gained advanced technological experience at such high-profile companies as Huawei and nVidia. As the founder of Mob Arts, which he established in 2010, he is now a decision-maker in the game industry, a leader in daily company affairs and an experienced entrepreneur with 8 years as the company’s CEO. Under his leadership, Mob Arts expanded from 3 employees to one hundred and became a top ranking game company in China. Now Matt is focused on the synergy of the blockchain and the game industry.

Q) Matt, what led to the creation of 777.BINGO?

ML) Even though people keep talking and arguing about blockchain and blockchain creates buzz, there are still only few practical application scenarios in the existing blockchain fields. To seek the value of the blockchain technology applied to the game industry, we created BINGO with two key aspirations. One is to develop or publish more blockchain-based games, and the other – to develop or publish more traditional games that support cryptocurrency payments. Our goal is to make BINGO a publishing platform for multi-technology-based games – both blockchain-based games and traditional games.

Q) What are the problems faced by the current market that BINGO aims to solve?

ML) As I mentioned in my first answer, the blockchain technology is great and it leads innovation, but it lacks practical application scenarios. Therefore, BINGO aims to offer better solutions for the following problems: difficulties in applying digital payment systems in traditional game settings and problems in releasing blockchain-based games of the new generation. The BINGO platform is centered around the digital currency, based on the blockchain technology. It is also combining Social, Game, Advertising, Data Analysis System, Game Leveling and BINGO Foundation modules to become a multi-functional pan-entertainment platform. The platform will reinvent the traditional game industry via many innovative solutions, such as a free and safe user community, rewards for users who answer professional questions, tips to star players, and an integrated smart contract translator.

Q) What are the modules that make up the BINGO platform?

ML) For now, there are five basic modules that form the BINGO Platform: Customer Management System, BINGO Wallet, Traffic Exchange System, Decentralized Data Analysis System and BINGO Foundation. We will be adding more new functional modules based on user experience.

Q) Can you tell us more about the Bingo wallet? What are the cryptocurrencies that can be used on the platform?

ML) BINGO Wallet is an integrated digital wallet for the BINGO platform, which can solve problems with payments in blockchain-based games once and for all. This product reflects all major trends in the digital currencies. It is a one-step solution that will fix the problem of not having an integrated digital wallet on the market. BINGO Wallet also serves as a wallet for rewards you receive in 777(Bingo) tokens, which is the financial core of the BINGO Ecosystem… The platform accepts BTC, ETH, QTUM and some other cryptocurrencies.

Q) What is special behind the User management and Data analysis systems? How is it different from the ones currently in the market?

ML) We will offer a more enjoyable experience for the BINGO community. BINGO Pan Entertainment Platform can serve as not only a community for user communication, but also can include many functional modules. As an example: through the way of giving tips, users could find someone who is willing to accompany them in playing the game or who is willing to help them in game leveling on the BINGO platform. Another example: by providing commission, users could find people willing to solve a particular problem for them in a game. Users can earn digital currencies or just make friends while helping others solve problems – by answering questions or helping write a walkthrough of the game.

Q) How does BINGO bridge the gap between Blockchain and the game/entertainment industry?

ML) BINGO will bridge the gap between Blockchain and the entertainment industry in two ways. One, it will allow to develop and publish a lot more blockchain-based games, and the other is that it will help more traditional games to accept cryptocurrencies as payments. We already have two cases to demonstrate. First, we will publish QTUM HEROES, which is the first blockchain-based game with specific gameplay. QTUM HEROES was jointly developed by BINGO, QTUM and Mob Arts, please stay tuned! The second, 777.BINGO Platform will release world’s first strategy game, which supports cryptocurrency payments: Doom of Aliens. Doom of Aliens is independently developed by our technical team at Mob Arts and it will have the Google Play Global Feature after its release. The digital currency version of the game will soon be released on 777.BINGO Platform. We believe these two cases are a great demonstration of our innovative solutions!

Q) Any numbers as far as users, engagement created, revenues generated from games in your portfolio that you can share; games developed under Bingo Foundation?

ML) Our technical team, Mob Arts, has developed a revolutionary mobile rpg card game HOUSE OF HEROES”. This was the first third party developed mobile game that was released on all Tencent platforms – Wechat, Mobile QQ and Myapp in China. The game gained 50 million downloads and in its peak it reached 10 million+ DAU, while the monthly gross revenue reached 20 million+ dollars! In the future, BINGO FOUNDATION will enrich the platform with more high quality games by investing in more game developers or startups, thus helping more people to fulfill their dreams!

Q) Can you talk a little bit about your previous and upcoming partnerships? (BeeChat, Mob Arts backing)

ML) BINGO has already begun collaboration with QTUM and we will announce it officially. Moreover, QTUM HEROES, which was jointly developed by QTUM, BINGO and Mob Arts, should be released soon. And BeeChat has also started strategic collaboration with us. As our technical team, Mob Arts offers a very solid and reliable tech support and product supply.

Q) How do you see BINGO revolutionize the development, marketing and promotion of games. How will this ultimately affect or influence gamers.

ML) BINGO will bring fresh blood to the game industry. By putting together blockchain technology, digital currency, and the game industry, we will offer our users a brand new enjoyable experience. On the other hand, blockchain technology and digital currency will empower us to better serve our users. We will solve issues such as unwatching, black case work and competition in unfair environments that users encounter in traditional games. Ultimately, we will help promote the users’ trust in the game and their willingness to play games. Users can freely use cryptocurrency on our platform. Our advertising system will build a bridge and seek a balance between users and developers; this is a platform where developers could reach players. It will allow setting game tasks targeting the right person by developers and satisfying both sides. It will also allow users to earn digital currencies after having successfully completed the tasks.

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