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5 Ways to Grow Your Telegram Crypto Community


Over the past few years, the blockchain industry has experienced growth in Crypto communities. This can be attributed to the fact that we humans are very social beings. We are able to organize ourselves into larger communities. One platform that crypto enthusiasts tend to love is Telegram. This may be due to its unique features that are absent in other platforms.

Just like in any other communities, online or offline, communities grow in a ripple effect way. This means that you bring people into the community, and then these people bring in more people. The bigger your community is, the faster it’s likely to grow.

The growth of communities started in the mid-2000s when companies changed their approach towards marketing. Companies used social media as a way to rank high in search engines. It happened that the biggest brands were formed when companies worked hand in hand with the customers to build them.

Telegram being the main social network of the Crypto World, it’s important to ensure it grows. It is not only one of the best sources of social traffic in the crypto niche, there are a variety of ways to use this platform. For example, Lite.IM launches crypto-based free payment gateway.

Warren Buffet says that marketing is a popularity contest, the more popular you are, the more valid your project could be. When investors want to invest in your cryptocurrency, they’ll measure the size and engagement of your Telegram channel.

We all know how dynamic the crypto market can be. Today your cryptocurrency could be soaring high only to be dethroned by a seemingly better coin. To ensure that investors don’t jump ship on your project on every chance they get, create a solid Telegram following. And we’re here to show you how. Keep reading to find out some of the best strategies to grow your Telegram Community.

1. Hire A Professional, Growth-Oriented Marketing Team

In most cases, it’s not possible to work on founding a company and marketing it at the same time. Also, marketing and growth of a new community can’t be assigned to just one person. You need a team to take of all aspects.

You need a team that is specifically trained to deal with the customers. You may not always available to answer your customers’ queries. You may also lack the necessary skills to nurture new members and respond to every query they have. Remember that the rate at which you respond to these queries may determine the success of your Telegram Crypto Community.

Responding promptly to each question shows the customers that you care. They will always return the favour.

You can also learn some marketing tips from other successful groups. You can find best of them in the list of biggest Telegram channels from crypto community ICO Speaks. You can follow them and learn the principles they use to grow their communities.

2. Pay Attention to Communication 

Like I mentioned before, a community tends to grow just like ripples spread on the surface of the water. All you need is create a good expression and form good relationships with the current customers and they will invite other people. So how do you form good relationships? By having general discussions sometimes; the discussions don’t have to be just about cryptocurrencies. Start conversations about daily issues that the members may be facing. This makes the community feel at home. 

Regarding BTC Peers tips: “It is important to begin an open dialogue with the community as early as possible in order to unite people around your idea. Enthusiastic followers of your project can significantly reduce costs related to marketing and PR, since, when they discuss it with their friends and followers, they are, in fact, doing your job for you.”

3. Approach Top Influencers

Influencers allow you to tap into a very huge audience that is very loyal. As long as the influencer endorses your project to them, they will flow to your community in masses to learn about this new opportunity. You can approach influencers on Social Media and also on YouTube. Since they’re trusted by a large community, you need to make sure that your project is valid and you share relevant content in your Telegram Community.

YouTube is one of the main go-to places when most people want to learn. This is according to a report published by Think with Google.  People seeking to learn new concepts about the Crypto World could form part of your community. 

4. Paid Advertisements

Despite these services being limited to LinkedIn and Snapchat, you can still use:

  • Reddit

Reddit helps create awareness with a community that is highly engaged. Redditors don’t like branded content but you can opt for the pay per click ads. You can also take it a notch higher by per chasing a whole sub-Reddit’s ad inventory. With the right strategy, this could be very rewarding.

  • Telegram

You can advertise here by publishing your ads on the available third-party channels like official website groups. For example on ICO Listing, IEO Pools or BTC Champ. The prices range differently depending on the channel. You can also use services like or testate to assess the predictions and analytics performance of your ad campaign. 

5. Social Media

Social media platforms give you a perfect arena to engage billions of its daily users hence giving you the widest audience. The more active you get on those platforms, the more you get to be known together with your brand, and you become more visible. You can share useful and valuable content, original content as well as influencer retweets. 

Don’t hesitate to contact platforms like Dreamr that are eager to improve the quality of our lives by supporting our dreams. I’m sure you’ll find solutions that will benefit both sides.

The content you post should be able to answer the questions raised by your investors as well as encouraging them to join your telegram community. You should adhere to the rules and regulations of each platform you use.


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