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5 Inspirational Gifts on a Budget


Let’s face it. Finding the perfect gift for loved ones isn’t easy. No matter how well you know those close to you, honing in on the perfect present can be challenging.

The fact that there are more options than ever is both a blessing and a curse. Being able to browse sites like Amazon for hours can mean that actually deciding on a gift is even more difficult. This paradox of choice phenomenon means that searching for the perfect gift can be an endless pursuit.

Another factor that only adds to the stress of the holiday gift rush is that the prices of presents for the special people in your life can add up quickly. Before you know it, you may well find yourself spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on gifts for your immediate and extended family. Even that distant relative with the annoying laugh can’t be left out, lest you look like a miser.

Fear not. We’ve broken down some of the best inspirational gifts that won’t break the bank. These thoughtful presents will keep you looking thoughtful, caring, and considerate so that you can win over those pesky in-laws.

1. A Quartz Soap

There are always those one or two relatives that have gone deep down the New Age rabbit hole. A few books by Deepak Chopra was all it took for them to become self-made spiritual gurus themselves. We feel your pain.

It might be tough to get a word in edgewise between their gospels on the power of now and meditation, but you can show you care with a beautiful quartz, crystal-like soap.

Who knows? It might just be what you need to bond with those New Age uncles and aunts enough to realize that you’re actually a neurotic mess that could do with some meditation – or at least some quiet time to yourself.

Recommended by gift-giving authority Buzzfeed, this gift is a great mix of the practical and metaphysical.

Another benefit of gifting a soap or beauty product is that many of them come with their own unique scent. Considering that the sense of smell is one closely tied to memory, and even emotion, they offer a great way to tie the time you spend together with the positive emotions felt towards one another.

Moreover, many beauty products can be found on sale or for a low budget. They can be a great way to deliver all the good vibes you want to convey, even if you have a tight budget. You can thank us later.

2. A Kool8 Water Bottle

Another way to impress the wellness enthusiasts in your family is to show them you understand the value of staying hydrated. Haven’t you heard? Water is the new craze if the fitness community, and it’s not likely to go out of style anytime soon.

Moreover, anyone who’s ever owned a water bottle has experienced the thankless frustration of having it soak everything in their bag when it inevitably leaks. If you’re like us, you’ve wondered what the point is of a device meant to contain liquid on-the-go, if it can’t contain liquid on-the-go. Why have ninety-plus percent of water bottle companies made it their personal mission to make life hell by trapping us into soaking our own laptops?

Thankfully, the Kool8 water bottle is guaranteed not to leak. That’s one of its big claims to fame. In fact, it’s made with industrial-strength stainless steel that makes it all but indestructible.  

Containing 18 ounces of liquid, it’s big enough to meet your hydration needs on-the-move. The fact that it’s perfectly insulated means that it will preserve the temperature of whatever is put inside it.

If your loved one has a flair for colors, fear not. It comes in an assortment of different colors ranging from red, green, and light blue. If they really are health nuts, chances are they consume their fair share of Yerba Mate, or some other tea they’ve read delivers health benefits. They’ll be happy to know they can drink from the fountain of youth on-the-move as the Kool8 water bottle comes with a built-in tea infuser.

Finally, to assuage your inner philanthropist, you can buy it with a clear conscience knowing that the company delivers its water bottles along with clean water to those in need around the globe. Coming in at under $35, the Kool8 water bottle won’t break the bank either.

3. A Hand-Written Letter and Thoughtful Experience

According to Thrive Global, the best way to connect with those you love on a budget is to invest in buying experiences rather than physical gifts.

Let’s face it. When it comes to gifts, it’s the thought that counts. Gift-giving is a process of human bonding that is likely as old as our species.

What better way to bond with those you love than to have a real experience with them. Buying gifts for all your family members can add up so quickly that oftentimes investing in a family trip to a nearby city or attraction can actually be a more affordable option.

Moreover, by investing in an experience you’re creating a memory that you and your loved ones can carry with you. Sometimes, when it comes to gift-giving, less is more. Buying an experience and pairing that with a thoughtful handwritten card can often mean more than any trinket or gadget.

4. The Nespresso Citzi Coffee Maker 

In every family, there is a coffee snob, and in most families, there is more than one. But, can you really blame them? Let’s just all acknowledge that coffee is amazing, and in today’s economy – necessary!

You can rest assured that the Nespresso Citzi will delight even the strictest coffee Nazi. It comes equipped with settings to brew the perfect cup of Joe, however you want it.

Whether you want a light roast or dark, big cup or small, or any other preference, the Citzi can deliver. Not to mention, it’s drop-dead gorgeous. Techies and coffee fans alike will be impressed by its sleek design and ergonomic setup.

That’s probably why it made the list on CoolThingsChicago for the best gifts to give that special woman in your life. Let’s not forget, nothing inspires creative energies more than the perfectly blended cup of coffee.

5. A Twinkle In Time Custom Star Map

If you want to find a gift that is as inspirational as it is thoughtful, a Twinkle In Time custom star map might be a great choice. This map offers a glimpse into the night’s sky on a specific date exactly the way it was.

Mapping out the stars and constellations exactly how they appeared on a given day, this star map offers the perfect tool for remembrance. It’s an ideal fit for astrology lovers and nature lovers alike and gives you the chance to document a special day in your loved one’s life forever.

A decorative, pretty piece that can easily be hung from the wall, you can allow your loved one to remember a special day in their life whenever they see it. It’s a great gift because of its versatility. Whether you want to commemorate an anniversary, birthday, or holiday, this gift could be a great fit.

Finally, it allows the buyer to input a customized message to personalize it to the gift receiver. Everyone loves to look up at the night’s sky. For so many reasons, it’s tough to go wrong with a custom star map.

We hope these suggestions help to alleviate some of the holiday angst and provide some good ideas for inspirational gifts. Don’t stress too much. Remember, when it comes to gift-giving, it’s the thought that counts.

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