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44% of people don’t have Internet access, and how AMMBR project solves this problem


In the era of global digitalization, as the world approaches the fourth Industrial Revolution, nearly 44 percent of the world’s population still has no Internet access. There is an enormous digital gap between urban and rural areas and between developed and developing countries.

Why is this happening? Telecom providers are more interested in large cities with high populations and  a high density of industrial enterprises, which can provide a better return on investment. The high cost of infrastructure deployment is the main reason why many rural areas still don’t have Internet services available.

How Blockchain can solve this problem

The AMMBR project offers a new telecommunication model based on blockchain and wireless mesh networking technologies. The idea is that each node in the network can act as a router for any other node at the same time, and if one of the elements fails, the remaining ones will support the whole system. This technique was originally used in military radio networking.

Blockchain technology, being another underlying concept of the project, makes it possible to create an infrastructure that does not belong to anyone and allows to connect and develop custom networks without the need for a centralized service provider.

Within the Ammbr network, Internet access can be sold or purchased using the network’s  own AMR cryptocurrency. If you want to sell access, all you need to do is buy a router, connect it to the Internet, and provide other network users with your computer’s capacities. In order to buy access, you need to download the project app on your computer or smartphone and access the Ammbr feed. All the technical aspects of the process, including payment with an AMR token, are carried out in the background.

On May 25, 2019, the p2pb2b platform, one of the 25 largest crypto exchanges according to, has already begun trading AMR tokens. By May 31, 2019, this coin is expected to appear on Stex as well.

The Ammbr project team has a mission to reduce the digital gap between the regions of the world by forming a single decentralized and reliable platform for individual Internet providers.

AMMBR technology is already being deployed in the USA, India, the Philippines and several African countries, where the problem of Internet access is especially acute.

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