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4 simple tips to improve your email marketing ROI


No matter which type of marketing you look at, email marketing always has stayed on the top of marketing campaigns with the highest ROI. For every dollar spent on email marketing, the ROI is 44 dollars! which is 4400%!!!

It is pocket-friendly and effective than any other means of marketing. Comparatively, email marketing is better than PPC (Pay Per Click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Here the company knows its target audience and communicates with them in regular intervals. It leads to better engagement and thus better growth for the business.

But sometimes, everyone does face some hindrances while email marketing campaigns. Here are some tips that can help you through them,


Divide your list from most active to least active customers or go geographically and send emails as per the demographic. The bottom line is to segregate the email list no matter what or how you name them.

It is noted that there has been over a 760% increase in sales when the marketers have segmented their email list. It is not necessary that every customer is looking for one thing only but, it is possible that many customers are looking for a similar thing.

People love stories

It isn’t the advertisement that people are interested in. They want to know the story behind the brand’s creation. It is the emotion that played a strong role in building the empire. The nuance stories like these draw people to the brand and its products.

It also ensures that the existing customers remain loyal to the brand. Email marketing is a novel channel to share information. While social media is just brief and crisp, videos are just informative. It is email that intrigues the interests of the people.

They are human too

It is easy to get lost in numbers and concentrate on just making it to the sales funnel. We usually lose the human touch in the emails we send. The reader is a human too, who is looking for some connection or meaning for the information they are taking.

As you divide the email list, create personalized emails that match with the specific group. This idea helps you in maintaining that personalisation through all while speaking to masses at once. Bonus points are when you collect the data from the users, the same information can be reciprocated in personalising the email.

Make a new list

As time passes by, it gets difficult to have a hold on to the same customers. Every business will need a list of fresh customers to pursue. Collect the information through social media websites. A more effective means is to gather the information from the email search engines like is an AI-powered website with access to millions of professional email addresses. This website can help you find emails at the drop of a hat. An effective platform that also has a chrome extension to Linkedin accounts. So it becomes easier for you to access email contact from the professional media.


The mantra for improved ROI is to Revise, Redo and Reinvent. The more creative you are with emailing tactics, the more productive it gets. Create an email strategy and stick to it. 

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