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2019’s Most Popular Bitcoin Tumbler Adding Ethereum Coin Mixer


Mixing service for coins such as Bitcoin has its challenges as we have seen with the recent travails of Bitcoin blenders some of which have closed shop due to the tough market conditions. Bitcoinmix seems to be one of the services that have weathered the bear market considering that it recently added ether tumbling service to its operations.

This means that users can now mix bitcoin and ethereum using The service which was founded in 2015 is among those that have maintained the vision of decentralization and anonymity which seems to have been the concept behind the founding of bitcoin, the premier cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies have to be anonymous

The idea was that people should take charge of their finances without the extra cost and inconvenience of third-party managers such as banks. Another is that owners of assets should use them without having third parties looking over their shoulders to know what they’re spending their funds on and who is sending funds to them.

Bitcoinmix is among the pioneers of ethereum blending, effectively allowing the holders of the coin to make their transactions anonymously. This has brought relief to many users considering that contrary to initial belief, most coins in the market lack privacy features. This means that third party espionage services or hackers are able to spy on and reveal the identities of the holders of these coins and try to fish them. They can also track their transaction histories making it somehow invasive to store one’s assets in cryptocurrencies.

Why to use mixing services

The advantage of using the services of Bitcoinmix is that the mixer makes sure that the client’s data are erased immediately after transactions is complete, making the users of the service anonymous.

There are many people who do not understand the need for blending service such as offered by Bitcoinmix. It is important to note that keeping your coins safe is as important and owning them. There is no way to know the intention of people who spy on the cryptocurrency blockchain network. There is no doubt that abuse of the transparency of these networks is inevitable.

Some hodlers have been known to have lost their coins to hackers. These are some of the reasons why you should use cryptocurrencies anonymously whenever you can, especially if you have substantial coins or privacy conscious.

Quest for anonymity

With the continuous evasion of privacy, there is no doubt that in a few year, the crypto trail would be added to other digital footprint that technology is making out of the life of the individual. The services rendered by Bitcoinmix may be palliative in the quest for anonymity, but it goes a long way in ensuring the anonymity of the user and the safety of their coins.

Using the service is easy and could be taken advantage of while making payments or receiving them. The end should be to remain anonymous while accomplishing your objective of being a user of digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

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